Charlie’s is Back!

Published 1 year ago -

By: Tyler Cullen, Copy Editor

         Everyone should get excited because Charlie’s has gone back to the normal setup.  The change was first noticed by students such as myself this past Tuesday November 2nd.  Now students are once again able to venture into Charlie’s in order to pick up their food and any other items they may want in addition to their meal.  Overall, this was a much needed change that Will free up some more room in Hagan, and create less foot traffic.  Needless to say many students will be happy to gain some increased sense of normalcy while on campus, and thus will make for an overall better dining experience.

          With the setup reverting back to how it once was students should be reminded to grab any drinks or sides they may want in addition to their meal.  Further, students will also be able to hop in line after their number is called.  Speaking of calling numbers, students will have to pay attention to which station their food is coming from and where to pick it up.  This line of changes also comes after the various menu additions.  These additions include but are not limited to the mac and cheese bowls, burrito bowls, and now the stir fry station.  It was unclear if the stir fry station would be alternating with the burrito bowl option, but it is great to have more options back at Charlie’s.

           With the new stations and this change there is always the potential for some confusion, but overall this a great step up from the previous system.  Living with Covid on campus can be very stressful at times so sometimes it is all about the small victories and this will be huge for the student body.  Not only that, but when the school has incoming students on campus to visit it will look far more appealing to have that greater sense of normalcy.  All students who are incoming and students on campus can get behind this much needed change back to something more familiar.

           Not only is familiarity a huge factor, and the decrease in congestion, but this older setup is far more convenient than what has been implemented.  Students can now pick up exactly what they want, and can pay on multiple registers.  Not only that, but condiments and utensils are also available for students to grab in the previous waiting area.  Everything a student could possibly need is right where it used to be which makes sense.  Another aspect that makes this arrangement much easier is the fact that students will be able to use the milkshake/smoothie machine themselves without having to ask.  This will speed up the process and cut down on the wait times in line.  It could also be inferred that order accuracy will also increase because students will not have to rely on the workers in Charlie’s who are already very busy as is.  It will ensure that little things are accounted for  without putting an extra burden on the employees.  In all, this is a very positive change I am sure all students will appreciate and hopefully we see more developments towards the end of the semester.

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