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Published 1 year ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor

As this world is constantly changing, so are the ways in which business is conducted. One individual who is taking on the new ways in which business is conducted is Brady Morgan. For those who do not know who Mr. Morgan is, he is a business owner and entrepreneur. Through his company, businesses can gain help in the following areas; content creation, lead generation, administration, and social media. His company VA Staffing Agency, is located in Nashville TN.

Mr. Morgan previously had his own podcast, though he now aims his efforts at outsourcing. As he is currently working on Web 3 Space, he is drawn to the emotion of a story, through this connection, he is driven to see success. When he first connects with others, he wants to know them on a personal level. Following this, he then aims at teaching those he talks to how they can do what he does too!

“As a 26-year-old, I am a driven individual who wants to assist others through the capacity of my own business.” (Mr. Morgan)

In his free time, he enjoys watching football, working out, and being a dad & husband. He currently resides in Nashville and was born and raised there too. When he was growing up, he was always driven to be the best individual in the room. In the following years, he learned how to effectively get tasks done, and how to connect with others as well. Though he is young, he is determined to be in a business that is constantly growing. Though many people stray from the path he chose due to the older generations being the primary workers in this field, he does not worry that he would not be able to relate or worry about what others may think.

He is truly grateful for the people he was able to connect with. One individual he is grateful to have met is Joey Carson, who is out in Los Angeles. For those who may not know who Joey Carson is, he is a veteran of the television industry and considered a pioneer. He also has numerous television credits through MTV, HBO, and A&E. 

Some of the clients that Elevator Studio has helped are 1st Phorm, Postmates, FashionNova, Lyft, and many more!

Some of the challenges that Mr. Morgan and Mr. Carson have noticed are how companies struggle with marketing. Though the product and or service may be well throughout, these two individuals know what drives brand awareness. 

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