The Growth of Evelynroze

Published 1 year ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor

As artists begin to go through the challenges of becoming the artist they are meant to become. It is interesting to see what elements define their success most. For Evelynroze, this aspect of growth comes from those who neglect to recognize the pure talent she possesses.

For Evelynroze, she has prevailed over the haters and doubters out there. As she begins to rise up and help those who wish to pursue the journey of being in the entertainment industry, she is reminded that it is not always easy. Though it may not always be easy, the aspects of our lives that are not the easiest often carry the most reward in the end. Though there have been moments in her life where she questioned continuing to pursue her career in music, she knows what she is doing is helping others. 

As she begins to grow and prosper, she is reconsidering aspects of her life that she now feels confident in retouching. For instance, in one of her songs, she wants to add more guitar components and more pop-punk elements too. 

EP Rerouting

Back in August, she finished her EP Rerouting, to which she was surprised to see the disgusting comments from those who underestimated her. After taking time to reconsider some of the elements in her life, she began to work on Faith, which was inspired by the disgusting amount of hate she received from her Rerouting EP. 

Though many people underestimate her and steal her work, she continues to shine through all of this to prevail to new heights!

Let’s Collaborate

In the past, she collaborated with BeccaStarr and worked on a few songs together. Though she has not collaborated with anyone else yet, she is interested in finding the right connection where the individuals involved all benefit. Another aspect that Evelynroze feels is important is focusing on mixing elements from different genres. (From trap music to pop-punk).

In the future, she would like to collaborate with 24goldn and Joyner Lucas.

Each of us is inspired by those around us who have similar stories. For Evelynroze she is able to connect with MGK and Joyner Lucas on a more personal level because of where these artists come from. In addition to these two artists, she is inspired by Pink Floyd, State Champs, Green Day, Paramore, Iann Dior.

Future Desires

While Evelynroze is from Worcester, Massachusetts, she would like to eventually go to California. In the meantime, she is super excited to say she will be collaborating with someone who she has looked up to. Although she can not say much on the topic, it was evident to see the excitement in her voice and smile. 

Pride & Joy

When she is not recording, she is chilling out with her dogs Star and Blaze, and listening to early 2000’s music.

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