Why JENNA Succeeds

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Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor

The Journey

It has been a roller coaster of emotions filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Throughout the course of her music journey, she is thankful to have been able to work with Donnie Klang. For those who may not know who Donnie Klang is, he is a producer who has developed artists such as Ann Winter, Bella DeNapoli, Madison Beer, and many more. His studio, The Loft Sound Studio, is located in Syosset, NY.

Throughout her second album, it was bittersweet for her because she has been dealing with mental health issues with depression and anxiety. For her, music helps her heal from her depression and anxiety. Music has always been there for her when no one was. She felt she was being challenged in life and felt like the best way to express herself was through her music. 

“I think it is important to open up about struggles and challenges, hardships and obstacles in life” (Jenna). 

Favorite Song 

Her favorite song at the moment is BOYSH*T by Madison Beer. For Jenna, she feels like Madison’s debut album Life Support is so relatable, authentic, and filled with honesty about her struggles with mental health. Madison has been her inspiration since day one. From her voice to the reason why she is pursuing her music independently, has inspired her to stay as an independent artist because that is where Madison Beer started after she was signed to Justin Bieber’s record label. 

Her dream collaboration is with Demi Lovato and Madison Beer. 

Inspiration at its core

The album concept is about mental health and how she was diagnosed with autism and depression and having anxiety attacks daily. Creating the album changed the highlight of her career and her sound. For her next album, she is influenced by Madison Beer, Demi Lovato, and Nessa Barrett. The album is about what she is recently going through with mental health, crushes, love, emotional health, spiritual health, the music industry, and more.

 The album is going to have 20 tracks and 5 bonus songs!

Document It!

Jenna’s documentary is about making the album. It will be about 30 to 45 minutes long. The documentary is based on what the process is really like in the recording studio. She wants to give her fans an inside look, and a behind-the-scenes sequence. She thinks it is important to open up about her mental health and the album process in visual content. She wanted to make a documentary due to her story as she feels many people will be able to relate to hers. 

Her documentary is a show of what she is doing in the studio and the film will be directed by Nick Terrana from Loft Films NY, a division of The Loft Sound Studio, owned by Donnie Klang and Matt LaPorte.

Behind the music

She is currently seeking a job. In order to succeed in the music business, you need to invest. It is important to have a part-time job while making music because the music industry is about money. Every business or industry is about money.

Prior to COVID, she worked at Forever 21 in Riverhead, NY from 2018 to 2020.

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