Pinky Swear Pack Pottery Night

Published 12 months ago -

By Adam Ide, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 4th the Pinky Swear Pack hosted their latest event in the Hagan Campus Center. The event was Pottery Paint Night where students were able to enjoy a night of ceramic mug-painting and pizza-eating. Those in attendance had a variety of pastel paints to choose from to decorate their mugs with whatever they wanted. While some chose to keep their mugs simple with multi-colored stripes and polka dots others painted butterflies, rainbows, and even the chapel.

Student Leah Scontras, who was in attendance on Friday, said “It was fun! I think the event was a great idea for students to get out of their room after most of us didn’t go anywhere all day. Given the weather, I was actually surprised at the amount of people who came. There were a lot of larger groups of students coming together as well! I liked being able to paint in a low-pressure environment.”

The turnout for the event was much more than expected, especially considering the horrible wintry weather of the day. The Pinky Swear Pack only ordered 50 ceramic mugs, expecting a much smaller attendance. This resulted in a mug-shortage. However, students without ceramics were still able to enjoy the pizza that the Pinky Swear Pack picked up from Little Caesars.

The club organizers made sure to remind students to place their initials on the bottom of their mugs since they had not yet been finished. Now, the painted ceramic mugs have been sent off to the kiln to be completed and students will be able to pick up their finished mugs from the Pinky Swear Pack at a later date.

The Pinky Swear Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been helping children with cancer and their families financially and emotionally since 2003. Pinky Swear Ambassadors on campus are helping kids with cancer and their families through their support of the Pinky Swear Foundation. The Assumption Pinky Swear Pack can be found on Instagram at @ps_assumption and the Pinky Swear Foundation can be found at @pinkyswearfoundation. For more information about the Pinky Swear Foundation and its work, visit

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