Pinky Swear Pack- Pottery Paint Night: A Student’s Perspective

Published 12 months ago -

By Teresa Prytko, Staff Writer

Classes might have been cancelled Friday, January 4th, due to the bad weather but that didn’t stop people from leaving their dorms to come down to Hagan for the Pinky Swear Pack’s late-night event.

My friends and I enjoy painting, so we were excited, although the free pizza definitely helped raise our enthusiasm. Even though we were not doing much that day, we still managed to show up late. It was only 15 minutes, but we were just in time. There were almost no mugs left and we just barely grabbed the last available table. There was, thankfully, many boxes of pizza and we were able to get seconds.

While in line we discussed our plans, ones that ranged from Star Wars inspired sunsets to something about Barbie to no plan whatsoever. We looked at what other people were painting. I saw someone painting theirs entirely green, and someone else next to us was painting her cat. She was unsure about it, but we assured her that her cat will love it.

After picking out our paint colors, which were not only very pretty pastel colors that I was obsessed with, but were also all individually numbered for easy differentiation, we got to work. A friend of ours joined us shortly after, but the mugs were all gone so he just got some pizza and sat with us as we painted.

Kathleen Moran, one of the execs, was very surprised that so many people showed up. She told us they bought 50 mugs for the event, and they were gone just like that.

During the event, there were three raffles called. There was an Assumption sweater and gift cards to Amazon and Chick-fil-A. No one from my friend group won, but congrats to those who did!

Music played in the background as we concentrated on our mugs. I used yellow, red, and orange to create the binary sunset of Tatooine. Blue, green, pink and some black were used to create some very pretty butterflies, and the no-plan mug turned into a nature setting with an upside-down rainbow, a tree on the inside of the mug, and a chapel (it was originally going to be the silhouette of a girl, we don’t really know what happened).

The event was nearing the end, but we all managed to finish in time. I thought we would be taking the mugs back home with us that night, but we put our initials on the bottom and put them in bags so they can go get covered and protected. It was a bit of a surprise, but definitely a welcome one.

Overall, it was a very nice way to end what was already a good day thanks to the snow.

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