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Published 12 months ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Ed­i­tor

In today’s world, everyone is offended by something and nothing at the same time. It’s easy for anyone to judge, especially those in the media a lot. Recently, The Joe Rogan Experience has had a lot of negative press. Though the media is sometimes good as it sheds light on positive things, it also takes things out of context and flips them when a few people want to cancel something. Before I get into this controversial topic, I have to state that while what Joe Rogan has said on his show is offensive, he apologized for his past choices and should not be canceled.

In the past few days, Joe Rogan apologized for his actions again, after his past was brought to the surface. There have been many who have said something in the past, only for it to be dredged up in recent times. For Mr. Rogan, it was when he uttered the N-word numerous times in his podcast over the years. Now, however, he is regretful and shameful about what he did in the past. 

As it is easy to tell, the only successful people are the ones who push past the noise and negativity and focus on themselves. For anyone else, it is easy to have your past be forgotten, but for those who are constantly in the media, it is easy to come off looking bad, as no one will let you forget what you did or said. Regardless of whether you are famous or just a regular Joe, it is important to see the person underneath. We are all human and at times we make mistakes, but that does not define the person we are today nor who we are going to be. If this was the case, I would not be where I am today nor the person I am.

There were 113 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience removed in light of the recent controversy. Guests on these episodes include Iliza Shlesinger, Tom Segura, Marc Maron, Shane Smith, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Stefan Molyneux. This is important because it shows that people stand by Joe Rogan even when several people are against him at this current moment.      

Though it may be painful at this moment for Joe Rogan, there is some light to this, as he has been offered a $100m contract with Rumble amid the Spotify controversy. This is not the only good part about this, though. Rogan has been reassured that things will be ok by Donald Trump, Rashad Evans, and J. Prince sticking up for this well-spoken individual. Throughout all this chaos, there comes a point when people wake up and realize enough is enough with the cancel culture surge. As there is a time and place for everything, there comes a point when enough is enough. As each of us has the ability to share, create, and communicate with others on a daily basis it is important to understand that if you take this right away then there lies a problem as this is our god-given right. In the following weeks, I will be listening attentively in regards to the news surrounding this topic and if Joe Rogan stays with Spotify or shifts lanes and goes over to Rumble.

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