Celtics in a Race for the 1st Seed in the Playoffs

Published 10 months ago -

By Mike Shea Copy Editor

With 3 games left in the NBA regular season, we look into the seeding of the playoffs. The Celtics could be anywhere from the 1st seed to the 4th seed by the regular season and I will delve in how each of the scenarios take place. 

Right now the standings are currently this. Miami Heat is the first seed with a record of 51-28. The Celtics are in second with a record of 49-30. The Milwaukee Bucks are in third with a record of 48-30 and the Philadelphia 76ers have a record of 48-30.

The top four teams all have a shot at getting the first seed. Here are the ways that the Celtics can land in each of the four spots.

In order for the Celtics to get the first seed, they have to do this. They would have to win all three of their next games and also have Miami go 1-2 or worse in their next three games. 

            In order for the Celtics to get the second seed, they have to do this. The Celtics have to be 3-0 with the Heat going 2-1. This is the most likely landing destination. 

           In order for the Celtics to get the third seed, the Celtics have to do this. The Celtics go 2-1, while the Heat go 2-1 and either Bucks or 76ers go 4-0. Another scenario is the Celtics go 1-2 and either Philadelphia or Milwaukee go 3-1 with the other team going 2–2. 

          In order for the Celtics to get the fourth seed, the Celtics need to do this. The Celtics go 2-1 and both Milwaukee and Philadelphia go 4-0. Another senario is if the Celtics go 1-2 with both Philadelphia and Milwaukee going 3-1. 

         The most likely senario for the Celtics in that they get the number 2 seed. That would mean that play against the 7th seed in the play-in. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a 47% chance to make the 7th seed. Getting a good matchup is crucial to  a playoff run so the Celtics playing the young Cavaliers will be a good matchup. 

        For the playoffs itself, the Celtics have a 22% chance to win the finals. The only team that they trail is the Phoenix Suns with 26%. 

        Overall, the Celtics have the best chance at the second seed and they are really trying to maintain that. Having the second seed makes sure the Celtics get home court advantage in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Having home court advantage is big for the Celtics and it might just be the deciding factor of the Celtics winning the finals 

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