Happiness or Hits?

Published 10 months ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer

It is so easy to be carried away with society. The daily hot and trends of our society are driving a majority of what we were. Whether it be iPhones or the coolest new shoes in style by highly influential celebrities, we tend to follow what everyone else is doing. This fear in the feeling of being left out mentally affects us as we feel left out and cannot deal with the feeling of being alone.

But, what’s more important to you? Is your happiness based off the newest hits of society?

Well, in the healthiest mindset possible it’s important to focus on what makes us happy first. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with following the fashion trends you absolutely adore for yourself, but allowing the hits to drive our emotions can lead us to more problems than what we’re getting out of it. One should love themselves to have fun and treat themselves with the luxuries that they deserve to enjoy, but do not allow society to articulate their mindset into believing that what society in the majority does is what’s truly right and to be led upon. Grow within yourself and allow yourself to be the trend that everyone else follows.

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