From Student to Teacher: Guest Speakers at Assumption

Published 10 months ago -

By: Teresa Prytko

Since the beginning of the semester, several guest speakers have come to Assumption’s campus to share their wisdom and experience. Specifically at the Grenon School of Business  Professor Leonard’s Marketing Management classes have heard from several accomplished professionals, some being alumni, who talked to the students and gave advice. 

Starting at the beginning of February an alum Cassie Burbine ’18, who got her B.A in Marketing, spoke about her experience working as the marketing director for Concord Wealth Management. She worked with Financial Professionals to help grow their brands to target their specific niches, such as Veterans. Cassie shared some of her experiences as a student-athlete at Assumption and how everything she learned, and that they are learning now, prepared her for her future career. 

Jen McDonald ‘17, who is also an alum, spoke about her current career at Criteo, a global technology company that helps marketers. The “work hard, play hard” attitude of the company fits perfectly with Jen’s personality and is something that she stressed. She told the class about how communication, confidence, and being your own advocate are the best ways to find yourself the right job, not just any one. 

Another speaker, Brooke Cooper, is the VP of Marketing for the Worcester Red Sox. Brooke gave students an insight into the way they approach marketing at Polar Park, The ABCs of marketing. The list went from “A” or Age Marketing which looks to build connections with the community and promote loyalty throughout different age groups and went down to “G” which stands for Geographic. Of course, baseball and a fun experience are top priorities at the park, and Brooke explained different ways that it is achieved as well as how to expand on it. 

Alum Casey Ellms ‘18 who is now a Digital Content Creator at Kraft Sports + Entertainment also came to speak to Professor Leonard’s classes. She discussed success strategies for after college and how she was able to get the position she is in now. Some of the advice she gave included learning how to take constructive criticism, be willing to learn, think on your feet, keep a book of ideas, never say “no” to any opportunity, and ask questions. 

Most recently, Molly Wiley ‘12 another Assumption alum, who is currently the Director of Field Marketing at Dunkin’ also shared some business insights with students. She explained her position at Dunkin’ which has her working between the brand itself and the franchises. After sharing how the company adapted to the pandemic, she also gave advice. A student asked about how she knew where she wanted to work she told the class to “write a list of companies you’d be excited to work for.” 

Assumption University is always welcoming to guest speakers and there are many that come from all sorts of different backgrounds to share knowledge about all sorts of different topics. Assumption is especially proud of its alumni and how they have taken what they learned and used it to make great careers for themselves. These current students studying right now should be no different, especially if they listen to some of the advice they are receiving.  

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