Assumption Football from an Insider’s Perspective

Published 4 months ago -

Kailey Bisbee, Staff Writer

The Assumption football team has always been a force to be reckoned with. Every season, they have a whole team of students and staff that help make games possible. 

Students have an opportunity to be a part of the team through the work studies program. This allows students to gain experience in sport management and health studies as well as support the Greyhounds. This is helpful in preparing both business and science majors for their future careers. It truly is one of the best opportunities Assumption offers. 

A lot goes on behind the scenes. The players endure workouts, 6 am practices, meetings, walkthroughs, and a whole lot more. Students working for the team help support the players in all aspects. This includes helping with physical therapy, restocking the first aid kit, filling water bottles, driving materials from the training center to the field, and most importantly, helping with emotional support. Players need] support from both fans and staff members.  

“They have become like family to me I have never seen such a healthy sports environment,” one student staff member stated. 

The football team is always growing. As players and coaches come through the program, new ideas are brought to the team. Fresh minds help to set up success for the new season. 

“New coaches have brought different ideas that have been implemented for the benefit of the team overall. The defense has made tremendous improvements and is stronger than ever. Overall the team is working really hard, it has been an amazing season so far!” said the staff member when asked about this year’s team. 

Though change can often be scary, it only means big things for the Assumption football team. 

Assumption plays in New Haven at Southern Connecticut State Saturday, Oct. 1, and their next home game against Franklin Pierce on Oct. 9. 

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