Governor DeSantis Sends Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Published 4 months ago -

Maureen Lynch, Editor in Chief

The immigration issue has hit Massachusetts. On Wednesday, September 14, Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican-Florida), sent approximately 50 illegal immigrants to Massachusetts island, Martha’s Vineyard. The immigrants arrived by plane on Wednesday afternoon, with no notice to the island or authorities. 

This is not the first time that immigrants have been sent to other states. Governor Greg Abbott (Republican-Texas), previously sent immigrants to Delaware and Washington D.C. However, this is the first time this has happened in the state. 

Republican Governors in border states such as Texas and Arizona, have been responsible for an increasingly large number of immigrants over the past year. 

Since President Biden stopped construction on the border wall started by former President Trump, there has been an increase in immigrants coming into the United States. 

Democrats have long been opposed to the border wall construction, and have advocated for immigrants coming here for a better life to be allowed to cross the border illegally. 

Republican governors feel that since Democrats have not put in many restrictions to secure the border, they would be willing to house illegal immigrants. 

DeSantis sent these migrants to a “sanctuary state”, according to an article from The New York Times. However he didn’t contact Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (Republican-Massachusetts), to inform him of the move. When the immigrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, authorities didn’t know how to proceed, and according to an article from NPR were “scrambling to care for the immigrants”. 

No further information has been stated as to where the migrants currently are residing, but it was reported that they are no longer on the island. 

All information was taken from The New York Times and NPR- search migrants in Martha’s Vineyard for more information

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