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Finding myself through music

Published 3y ago -

David Cifarelli Editor-in-Chief The first, most coherent memory I have of music is listening to it in the car with my father. He would constantly switch through the radio stations trying to find an ideal soundtrack to accompany his drive. My dad would also fre... More »

Theater defining my life

Published 3y ago -

Zachary Sneeringer – Staff writer Opening night: A feeling from being a part of theatre that I have experienced oh so many times. From putting cake loads of makeup on my face before a performance and singing every single song from a musical, until we wer... More »

The art of sewing

Published 3y ago -

Julianna Montminy Staff Writer The soft and steady hum of a Singer sewing machine buzzes through my mind as I recall when my mother first taught me how to sew. I was 7 years old and I distinctly recall holding a pink plastic sewing needle while sitting at the ... More »


Dancing my way through life

Published 3y ago -

Alicia Burrows Staff Writer My mom always tells me that I learned how to dance before I could even walk. While, obviously, I know that this is not true, I understand what her point is. I started taking creative dance classes when I was four and I fell in love.... More »

How music has molded me

Published 3y ago -

Christine Toher Staff writer Since I could speak, music has been my entire world. Every home movie my family has from the time I was two involved me singing some type of song I had created. This love of music is why nobody was surprised when I wanted to learn ... More »