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Harry Styles: Dressed for Controversy

Published 1m ago -

Meredith Backman, Staff Writer In U.S.’ December Vogue issue, Harry Styles made headlines for being featured as the first male star to grace the magazine’s cover. Styles appears to be caught in controversy for adorning a Gucci periwinkle and black lace go... More »

A Present Reflection of the Past

Published 1m ago -

Riley Guay, Staff Writer As 2020 comes to a close, we naturally begin to reflect on the events of these last 12 months. Although 2020 could be described in any number of ways, it has not been a year characterized by silent compliance in the face of grave injus... More »


Published 4m ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts and Entertainment Editor In the new single Feel Like I Do which features Kygo and the rising artist Vin Diesel I am reminded of simpler times. In the three-minute song, there are several factors which just suggest that this will be a class... More »

Music Memoirs: SIR MATTY V

Published 4m ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts and Entertainment Editor During a recent interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Varao (Sir Matty V). For those who do not know Sir Matty V as well as I do, he started his journey when he was only 13 years old. During this time, he... More »


Published 4m ago -

Seth Bogolofski, Staff Writer When upcoming rap group Flatbush Zombies made the decision to collaborate with standout artist Joey Badass, the potential for this album rose through the ceiling. Produced by Beast Coast Media and Columbia Record, Beast Coast was... More »

Folklore: Ranking the Songs on the Album

Published 5m ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor Taylor Swift’s Folklore is ‘the 1’ on the charts, remaining on the top spot for the sixth week in a row after its release on July 24th, 2020. Swift reinvents herself yet again, divulging from pop to craft an indie album that ... More »

College and COVID-19

Published 5m ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts & Entertainment Editor As college students continue to do their best to deal with COVID-19, life has been altered in many ways. From hybrid classes to social distancing (though these are old news at this point), we must remain strong dur... More »

A Reflection

Published 5m ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts & Entertainment Editor During my sophomore year at Assumption College I learned two important things; (the importance of being punctual and how to manage my classes). Though it is easier to learn from my past in the present time, one thi... More »


Final Column

Published 9m ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor Well, this is my last column for Le Provocateur. I honestly cannot fathom this is the end. Or that it ended like this. As all other college seniors, I never thought I would be finishing out my college career fro... More »


“Emma.” Is a Remake Worth Watching

Published 10m ago -

Jordan Gablaski, Staff Writer If you have ever read any of my other reviews, you know how I feel about remakes… but I guess I should change the wording and say that I dislike unnecessary remakes that recreate movies which were already great to begin with... More »