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The top 10 albums of the 2010’s

Published 1m ago -

Kyle Delorey Staff Writer The ’10s, as weird as that is to say, are officially coming to an end. A progressive decade full of political unrest, social justice movements and lots of fantastic music. When looking back at the albums from this past decade, there... More »


Everyones favorite band of brothers is back…

Published 8m ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor The year is 2007. “High School Musical 2” has just finished it’s premier on-air on Disney Channel. Before anyone can change the channel, three boys appear on the screen. They call themselves the Jonas Bro... More »

Decoding the recent “Frozen 2” trailer

Published 8m ago -

Mark San Clemente Staff Writer Some thought that Disney could “let it go” and leave “Frozen” behind with its beautiful animation, powerful storyline and clever music; but, of course, they’re doing a sequel. The “Frozen 2” teaser trailer was relea... More »

Five documentaries you need to binge-watch

Published 8m ago -

Celia Smith Assistant Editor-in-Chief This semester, I’ve been on a True Crime documentary binge. From cults to polygamy to abductions and notorious serial killers, I’ve compiled a list for those of you who are also fascinated with the darker side of human... More »

An unlikely hobby

Published 8m ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor I have never taken a photography class in my life. If you ask me about my knowledge of Photoshop, I’ll stare at you with a blank expression. I have little to no experience what so ever. All I know is that I h... More »

Where the heart is

Published 9m ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor This weekend I attended the Senior Retreat, where I was able to reflect on both my current life and my future. It is the best feeling when something comes at the right time, and you didn’t even realize that y... More »

Finding myself through music

Published 9m ago -

David Cifarelli Editor-in-Chief The first, most coherent memory I have of music is listening to it in the car with my father. He would constantly switch through the radio stations trying to find an ideal soundtrack to accompany his drive. My dad would also fre... More »


Lagerfield’s legacy on the world of fashion

Published 9m ago -

Julia Petrillo Staff Writer Karl Lagerfeld,one of the most famous fashion designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, died on February 19 at the age of 85 in Paris. “It is with deep sadness that the house of CHANEL announces the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the ... More »