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Missile Hits Poland, Killing Two

Published 2m ago -

Adam Ide, Sports Editor The months-long war between Ukraine and Russia has escalated recently after a “Russian-made” missile struck NATO member Poland, killing two people. The incident occurred on Nov. 15 during an attack on Ukrainian cities and energy fac... More »

Five Killed at LGBTQ+ Nightclub

Published 2m ago -

Maureen Lynch  Editor in Chief  On November 19, an LGBTQ+ nightclub was the subject of another mass shooting. The assailant, who is now in custody, killed at least five and wounded about two dozen others. The Club Q shooting comes as one of two recent mass s... More »

Activists Protest Against Amazon

Published 2m ago -

Caleb White, Campus Life & Online Editor On Black Friday, labor activists took to the streets of New York City to join a worldwide demonstration against top retailer Amazon. According to NBC News, one of the “Make Amazon Pay” rallies took place... More »

Ghostly Goonies Shipwreck Origins

Published 4m ago -

Maureen Lynch, Editor in Chief For years, a treasure trove of beeswax and Chinese porcelain has been washing up on the Oregon coast, according to NPR. This led to abounding in the area, with locals telling stories of pirates and treasure, which is said to hav... More »

Farewell Queen Elizabeth The Second

Published 4m ago -

Kailey Bisbee, Staff Writer Sadly, one of the longest-reigning monarchs has recently passed. Queen Elizabeth II has passed on Sept. 8, 2022 due to severe health complications. She was born on April 21, 1926. She lived a full life enduring World War 2 and taki... More »

New Doherty High School in Flames

Published 4m ago -

Adam Ide, Sports Editor The new Doherty High School construction site caught fire on Monday, Sep. 12, while workers were operating welding equipment. The fire was put out quickly, and the Worcester Public School District leaders are optimistic that the fire h... More »

The Trial of Alex Jones

Published 4m ago -

Caroline Branch, Staff Writer On Sept. 13, Alex Jones, a far-right pundit and host of Infowars began his second trial in the defamation case against the families of those who lost their lives in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. Jones has claimed, since April 201... More »

Aiming our Sites High

Published 4m ago -

Ethan Buckingham, Staff Writer If you spend your days immersed in science fiction, or with your head in the clouds, get ready for a space age dream to come to life.  NASA has recently announced the scheduled launch date of its new poster child, Artemis I, an... More »

Interview with Rick Cinclair, photojournalist

Published 11m ago -

Photojournalism is no easy task. This is especially true for Rick Cinclair, who covered a standoff between protestors and police during 2020’s social unrest despite the threat of Roman candles and other incendiaries.  Cinclair, the chief photographer fo... More »

The Retirement of President Francesco Cesareo

Published 11m ago -

By Maggie Buckley, Editor-in-Chief After 15 years as President of Assumption University, Francesco Cesareo has decided to retire. The news, delivered in a community-wide email on Tuesday, March 8, came as a shock to many, especially considering Cesareo just si... More »