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Kuana’ike (Perspective)

Published 5m ago -

By Sarah St Pierre, Staff WriterMy eyes opened wide as I was abruptly woken from my deep slumber. The sound ofsirens blasted through my eardrums, but I barely recognized the noise. It didn’t sound like anormal fire alarm or a police car or even a fire truck.... More »

Kenobi: Trailer Breakdown

Published 6m ago -

By: Teresa Prytko  The upcoming Kenobi series, streaming exclusively on Disney+, will (hopefully) answer questions that Star Wars fans have been trying to figure out for years.  The most important one clearly is; how did Obi-Wan age so fast?  Th... More »

Don’t Look Up Review

Published 7m ago -

By: Quinn Ryan Adam Mckay’s Don’t Look Up took the world by storm last Christmas by giving the people exactly what they wanted. First of all, this movie was released on Netflix, meaning that countless people had access to it right when it came out. Second ... More »

IGOR: The Ukrainian Artist

Published 7m ago -

Igor Seemann is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, and creative artist. His main job is being a paramedic. Since 2008 he’s worked in a university hospital setting at Freiburg in South Germany in intensive transport. His goals for this year are to become a ... More »

Movie Review: Power of Dog

Published 7m ago -

Quinn RyanMath and Education Major the Power of the Dog Review  Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog is on Netflix, nominated for 12 Oscars including best picture and best director, and is a must watch if you are at all interested in Westerns o... More »

Ranking Steven Spielberg’s Greatest Movies

Published 7m ago -

Quinn RyanMath and Education Major  With the 94th annual Academy Awards fast approaching, one of my favorite story lines revolves around one of my favorite directors. Steven Spielberg has made history by becoming the first director nominated for the best ... More »

West Side Story Review

Published 7m ago -

Quinn Ryan Staff Writer Steven Spielberg’s rendition of West Side Story is up for best picture at this year’s Oscars, and definitely worth the watch if you are a fan of musicals! From the incredible dance sequences to the beautiful imagery, this adaptation... More »

Knowing Nothing about Nope

Published 8m ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer It always impresses me when new directors arrive on the scene and knock it out of the park on their first try. Among the list of famously good directorial debuts, people throw around the names Orson Welles for Citizen Kane, John Sin... More »

Encanto Movie Review

Published 8m ago -

By Isabella Mastrototoro, Staff Writer Bored and can not decide what to watch? Next movie night you should watch Disney’s Encanto which takes place in Columbia and is about the family Madrigal whose magical gifts are disappearing. It is up to Mirab... More »

Iberian Pathways: Guitar Music of Spain

Published 10m ago -

By Alicia Spatafore, Staff Writer On Wednesday, November 10, classical guitarist Dave McLellan presented students and faculty at Assumption with a live performance of Iberian Pathways: Guitar Music of Spain held via zoom. Dr. Peter Clemente, curator of the eve... More »

Chris Pratt to star in 2022 Mario movie

Published 11m ago -

Caleb White, Online Editor On a Sept. 23 livestream of Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise, announced that an animated movie of Mario would be hitting the big screens next year. The animation will be produced by ... More »

Dax (The Rise Up)

Published 11m ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor Dax is a Canadian rapper and songwriter. Known for his freestyle remixes to hit rap songs. He started getting attention after his music video “Cash Me Outside”. Before he ... More »