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Decorating for the Holidays

Published 9m ago -

Teresa Prytko Arts & Entertainment and Opinion Editor  With the Christmas season now upon us, it is important to think about decorating for it. Decorating helps set the mood and can improve one’s Christmas spirit. Instead of a barren tree left out in th... More »

These are a Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

Published 9m ago -

Teresa Prytko Arts & Entertainment and Opinion Editor  Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year and many of people’s favorites, including mine. There are many traditions that my family and I take part in, some that came over from Poland and ... More »

The Injustices of Abortion Bans

Published 1y ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer We are living in the middle of perhaps one of the biggest civil rights violations in mylifetime. There has been a law passed in Oklahoma that is essentially a blanket ban on abortions.There has been sweeping pro-life sentiment build... More »

‘Whos’ Stealing from Who?

Published 1y ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer Let’s talk about Dr. Seuss, shall we? Obviously, he was the subject of a lot of controversy when his publishing company decided to stop printing several books which depicted racist imagery or sentiments. Many people falsely claime... More »

Happiness or Hits?

Published 1y ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer It is so easy to be carried away with society. The daily hot and trends of our society are driving a majority of what we were. Whether it be iPhones or the coolest new shoes in style by highly influential celebrities, we tend to fol... More »

My Head Scarf, My Identity

Published 1y ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer As we step foot on the streets of America today, we’re surrounded by countless cultures, backgrounds, genders, and identities. My head scarf is my identity. I looked in the mirror one cold morning in sixth grade when I made the de... More »

Surviving Midterms

Published 1y ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer For Assumption university students and most universities in the United States, it’s time to enable those study skills as a midterms approach and stress levels increase. Through these stressful times for students, one may be seekin... More »

Let’s All be Allies this Valentine’s

Published 2y ago -

Written by Maureen Lynch February 14th is undoubtedly, a day to celebrate love, in any form. Love for a friend, a family member, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, whomever. However, there is one group of people that seem to be excluded from this celebration... More »

COVID-19 & Mental Health

Published 2y ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer The effects of COVID-19 have been horrendous on our mental health. With millions of cases across the United States and billions worldwide, almost everyone in our society has been affected in one way or another. Some with the virus t... More »

The Joe Rogan Experience [UNLIKE ANY OTHER]

Published 2y ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Ed­i­tor In today’s world, everyone is offended by something and nothing at the same time. It’s easy for anyone to judge, especially those in the media a lot. Recently, The Joe Rogan Experience has had a lot of negative press. Thou... More »