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On My Current University

Published 5m ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor I’m just going to say it. You’re obsessed with division. It seems as if we were just here, discussing the divide between what is godly and what is good. I understand that the Catholic Church has a doctrine that it must upho... More »

Spreading Holiday Cheer from Home

Published 8m ago -

Erin Considine, Staff Writer Everyone knows the expression, “home for the holidays,” but being quarantined at home away from our friends and family is not exactly what we imagine when we hear that phrase. The holiday season began with Thanksgiving... More »

The Real Issue At Hand

Published 9m ago -

Alexander Geragotelis, Staff Writer The issue is not the administration’s stance, it is their lack of leadership. By now, almost everyone at Assumption is aware of the current tension between the administration and most of the student body. Since the Monday... More »

The Ethics of Unpaid Internships

Published 9m ago -

Oliver Bugbee, Staff Writer Internships are a great way to learn. They allow for a person to experience personal growth and gain new knowledge that they might not in the classroom. Internships can provide a hands-on preview of work in the real world. They pro... More »

Something Rotten

Published 9m ago -

Mikaela Newman, Staff Writer There’s Something Rotten in the State of Assumption, and it’s Blatant Homophobia   Growing up in a fundamentalist Southern Baptist (yeah, like Westboro Baptist Church) household, “gay” was a taboo word. We didn’t ta... More »

Your Vote, Their Voice

Published 9m ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor   The email.  The handbook.  The message from the president.   I am sure that if you are reading this, you know exactly what I am referring to.   It is more than obvious that we are living in a contentious and divi... More »

ACB: Her Role in the Supreme Court

Published 9m ago -

Tabatha Criollo, Staff Writer Amy Coney Barrett was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 28,1972. She attended Rhodes College for her Bachelor of Arts degree and later attended Notre Dame Law School on a full tuition scholarship and graduated first in he... More »

Party Rock is (NOT) in the House Tonight

Published 11m ago -

Danielle Schwalm, Opinion Editor When someone says “College Experience”, there’s more to picture than just classrooms full of students. There’s extracurriculars, crowded dining halls, and perhaps most appealing: the college party. I, like most other p... More »

Coming to Assumption as a Transfer Student

Published 11m ago -

Danielle Schwalm, Opinion Editor Stepping onto the Assumption campus three years ago, I never would have guessed how much this school would mean to me. When I first graduated high school, the thought of committing to a four-year school was overwhelming, to sa... More »


Alicia’s Anecdotes: The Final Chapter

Published 1y ago -

Alicia Burrows, Assistant Editor-In-Chief Well, I guess this is it. Not exactly the way I wanted to end things here, but I guess I don’t really have a choice. I just submitted my last final, quite literally five minutes ago, and I don’t feel any different... More »