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Published 2m ago -

Syd­ney Tap­pan, As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor-in-Chief / Cam­pus Life Ed­i­tor   Going on a year later, COVID-19 has introduced me to highs and lows that I did not know were possible. I feel as though I have missed vital milestones in my college caree... More »

Keeping in Touch

Published 5m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor When we cannot all be in the physical presence of one another, it is important to keep in touch with those that are important to us by any means possible. We went from seeing one another every day ... More »

Stay Productive During Remote Learning

Published 5m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor Right now, I along with many others, find it more than difficult to stay focused and motivated while we sit at home distracted by things that are more interesting than the work in front of us. Doin... More »

A Look at Our 2020 Autumn

Published 6m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor There is no denying that this fall looks different than those prior. Nonetheless, there are still safe ways to celebrate the upcoming fall seasons. Here’s a few ideas to get you in the spirit: &n... More »

Life as a Remote Student

Published 7m ago -

Grace Corbett, Staff Writer Assumption University in the fall is beautiful. The turning foliage, the painted skies, and the fallen leaves that line the campus provide us with our wonderful corner of the world. The air gets crisp and the geese begin to flee, y... More »

The Pandemic’s Pressures on Mental Health

Published 7m ago -

Maureen Lynch, Staff Writer When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States back in January, no one knew what to expect. Since then, this pandemic has wreaked chaos in most Americans’ lives. This upheaval puts strain on the psyche, which has more people... More »


Published 7m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor More often than not the last six months we have only been filled with negatives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is plenty to be saddened about, the fact of the matter is nothing l... More »

To My Seniors

Published 7m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor Every year for the last three years to date, we have spent our Sunday’s in August moving on to Assumption’s campus. This time around, our fourth time, does not quite meet the expectations we al... More »

Dear First-Year Me,

Published 8m ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor Dear First-Year Me, I know you’re nervous.  I know you’re scared.  I know you don’t seem as excited as everyone else.  I know you think everyone already knows everyone else and that no one will have time for you. It’... More »

Change is Progressive

Published 8m ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor First-day-of-school jitters are nothing in comparison to first-day-of-college jitters. Never mind that, it’s the entire month before the first day that is full of not only jitters but never endi... More »


Thank You

Published 11m ago -

Skyler Hesch, Campus Life Editor I’ve been staring at this blank page for several days now. Filling these two pages with 12 point Times New Roman font means saying goodbye, and saying goodbye has never been one of my strong suits. I prefer to say hello, but... More »