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Published 3d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor From Berklee to A&R/General Manager, Arielle Tindel is truly talented and a hard worker, nonetheless. While each experience has shaped her in one way or another, she is truly blessed to have gone through each experience as she has been able to hone her skills and advance to the next step in her life. From the marketing internship with Cl... More »

A DJ’s Perspective

Published 3d ago -

How’s life treating you? Life is just a crazy rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. But overall I think life’s pretty good. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride. What has life been like as a music producer, composer and dj during these past few months? This past couple of months have been crazy for all industries but as for the creative industries like the music industry has taken a huge h... More »

Ms. Chociej | Artist Manager at Autumn Helene Music

Published 3d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor  What are your goals and aspirations for the future? I have many, just as I have many roles. I work full-time providing terminal support and education in my role as a hospice clinical social worker. I have also been running my own private practice counseling business for the past seven years, mainly to support the LGBTQ community. And, for ... More »


Published 3d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor  What was your first memory as an artist? I remember my friend hooking me up for a show, It was my very first show as an artist. I was very excited, but I was also very anxious and I was stressed out. But as soon as I opened my mouth, all my stress and anxiety were gone. I did really good. That’s when I knew, this is what I wanted to do f... More »

Mr. Mavimbela | Performing Artist & Music Producer

Published 3d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor How’s life treating you? Life is well thank you, can’t complain What motivates you? Being alive and being young, motivates me a lot, realizing i have the energy and time to do anything in this world. What social issues are you most passionate about? I am really passionate about the youth, I wish they could understand how much of an asset... More »

David Noah | The Creator

Published 3d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor How’s life been treating you? I’m eternally grateful to be here.  It’s been a crazy year for everyone.  Like a lot of people I’ve had to make adjustments to every aspect of my life and cope with the effects of isolation and grieving the loss of loved ones.  I’m happy to still be in the fight. How do you respond under pressure? G... More »

Arts & Entertainment

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The Revenant

Published 2d ago -

Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor How’s life been treating you?  Honestly, really great! How do you respond under pressure?  I would say that I am very good at staying ahead of things and avoiding pressure a lot of the time, but when... More »



GameStonk: The Viral Takedown of Wall Street

Published 2m ago -

Meredith Backman, Staff Writer In mid-January, a subreddit called r/wallstreetbets had taken the internet by storm. The reddit community is centered around picking certain stocks on apps, such as Robinhood, and buying shares to mess with the stock market. The... More »



On My Current University

Published 2m ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor I’m just going to say it. You’re obsessed with division. It seems as if we were just here, discussing the divide between what is godly and what is good. I understand that the Catholic Church has a doctrine that it must upho... More »

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