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Trump’s Collusion with Russia

Published 7m ago -

Tyler Cullen Staff Writer On Sunday March 24th, Robert Mueller and his team reached a conclusion in the Russia investigation that was led. The investigation found that there was no compelling evidence showing signs of Donald ... More »

A defense of the Electoral College

Published 7m ago -

Katie Samalis Copy Editor There has been a lot of discussion about the Electoral College from many recently. Presidential candidates have been arguing for its abolishment claiming that it is incompatible with a democracy, since it sometimes does not reflect the vote of the general population. According to these critics, this reflects a violation of democratic principle of one man, one vote. Since ... More »


I left my heart in Admissions

Published 7m ago -

On Sunday, April 7th, I worked my last Accept Assumption event at the college. As I sit back and write this I am overwhelmed with the emotions stemming from the short, but amazing, experience I have with working in the Admiss... More »

Behind the ink

Published 7m ago -

This past spring break I took a trip down to Miami with one of my best friends at Assumption. Her and I enjoyed a relaxing vacation away from school, work and most importantly, the snow. As we traded our boots for flip-flops, we explored the Miami Beach strip and all of its exciting offerings. One of these offerings was something I had thought about before our trip: getting a new tattoo. Miami is ... More »

Published 7m ago -

Timothy Tran Staff Writer On Saturday February 23rd at 7:30 p.m and Sunday February 24th at 2:00 p.m., Assumption College Chorale, accompanied by staff band, hosted their annual Broadway Revue in the Jeanne Y. Curtis Performance Hall located in the Tsotsis Family Academic Center. Directed by Richard J. Monroe, Theatre Arts professor and stage director, Margaret Tartaglia, Art & Music professor... More »


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The top 10 albums of the 2010’s

Published 1m ago -

Kyle Delorey Staff Writer The ’10s, as weird as that is to say, are officially coming to an end. A progressive decade full of political unrest, social justice movements and lots of fantastic music. When looking back at the albums from this past decade, there... More »



New Year, New Me

Published 9m ago -

Sarah Ardolino Staff Writer I going to be honest with you, I hate New Year’s resolutions. Actually, let me rephrase that: I hate unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that always seem to be broken in the first month of starting. You know how it goes; the gym ... More »


Taking risks

Published 9m ago - 110 bookmarks

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