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ALANA Thanksgiving Reflection

Published 2w ago -

Roxann Wint – STAFF WRITER In light of the Holiday of Thanksgiving many fail to realize that the month of November is also Native American Heritage Month. On August 3rd1990, President George H.W. Bush declared that the month of November would stand as t... More »

Assumption Opens its doors to 15-40 Connection

Published 2w ago -

Ryan Morgera – STAFF WRITER Worcester, MA- Assumption College juniors Eniang Bassey, Tim Power and myself are in the midst of setting up a 15-40 Connection Club on campus. 15-40 Connection is a nonprofit organization that teaches people the signs and sy... More »

High School Living

Published 2w ago -

I am going to tell y’all a story about my high school. As the semester comes to a close, I am reminded just how far off high school is from where we, seniors, are now. It’s crazy to think that graduation is right around the corner, so how about some throwb... More »

Day in the Life of a Commuter Student

Published 2w ago -

Katherine O’Neil – STAFF WRITER Most students at Assumption wake up at 9:15 a.m. for a 9:30 a.m. class. They get up, get dressed, perhaps eat breakfast then walk five minutes to class. For commuters, the journey to class is a little more taxing. Commu... More »


Positioning the College toward a Vibrant Future

Published 1m ago -

Francesco C. Cesareo, President of Assumption College Recently I met with the members of the Restructuring Committee to discuss the restructuring of the College. In the course of our conversation, all of us thought it would be helpful if I provided the commun... More »

Speech Class Reflection

Published 1m ago -

Leslie Roda – Staff Writer In Professor Knoles’s speech class, she tasked us with coming up with a class project that will not only benefit the class, but also benefit the people we are trying to get involved with. It took us quite a while to figure o... More »

Veterans Day Faculty Corner Reflection

Published 1m ago -

Kristen Carella, Professor of English It’s just a few days before Veteran’s Day, and that has had me thinking about my friend Kayah. I met Kayah in basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in June 2001. Since her last name starts with “Bu” and ... More »

Colorful Fish

Published 1m ago -

Kristina Wyman – Campus Life Editor This will be a jumble of a column this week friends. I am just writing about whatever comes to mind first. So, the first thing I just thought of is favorite colors. How does one have a favorite color. We hear how someo... More »

Can Money buy Happiness?

Published 1m ago -

Kristina Wyman – Campus Life Editor Hello ladies and gents, here is another column of thinking about things in depth. Well, to a point. This column is to get people thinking about topics we may not face often or topics we struggle with frequently. I thin... More »

Making Academics Count Overseas

Published 1m ago -

Madison Goodrow – Staff Writer To study abroad or not to study abroad, what a silly question. I have spent many months abroad in Italy and in Ireland, regretting none of it. A little over a year ago, I found myself in a foreign country among strangers, ... More »

Greenhounds Hosts Farmers’ Market

Published 1m ago -

Ciera Clivio- Staff writer On September 25th the Greenhounds put on the first farmers’ market of the 2018-2019 school year, located in Laska Lobby. With vendors like Bean Counter Cafe and BirchTree Bread Company, there were many students and staff passing t... More »

CAB goes to NACA

Published 1m ago -

Macee Buckley – STAFF WRITER NACA stands for the National Association for Campus Activities. This conference, which takes place in Hartford, CT, is the site where campus late night planning blooms. Assumption’s Campus Activities Board is responsible f... More »