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The life and legacy of coach Brady

Published 6m ago -

Kieran Peters Staff Writer It was a grim Sunday on February 10 for the hockey community and the city of Worcester as hundreds of people, all from different walks of life, gathered together to pay their respects to a man who touched all of their lives, Lance Br... More »


How to get your Greyhound Pride this year

Published 6m ago -

Alyssa Jalbert Staff Writer The life of a student athlete is not an easy one. Along with challenging academics, student athletes dedicate a great amount of time to their teams. From early morning practices to late night homework, it’s amazing how they handle... More »

The best uniform from each sport

Published 6m ago -

Look good, feel good, play good. The famous saying may or may not have any solid evidence behind it, but who cares anyway. It’s no secret that the apparel of the teams taking the field are one of the key attractions that make sports so interesting to watch. ... More »

NBA mid-season recap and predictions

Published 6m ago -

Richard Hudson Staff Writer The NBA is approaching the midpoint of its 2018-19 season and there have been a number of interesting developments thus far. While some of these developments have been expected, some have not been (Celtics fans, I am talking to you)... More »

What sport should Kyler Murray choose?

Published 6m ago -

Leslie Roda Staff Writer Oklahoma star quarterback Kyler Murray has come across a tough decision: MLB or NFL. This decision cannot possibly be easy for anyone. Not many Division-I players can say that they have the potential to be drafted high in both the MLB ... More »

Frisbee szn

Published 9m ago -

It started off just a way to pass the time after school. One day in middle school, my neighbors and I, bored of our normal routine of football and wiffle ball, found a frisbee in my garage. One of my neighbors knew about this weird game called Ultimate Frisbee... More »

Men’s Cross Country has best Program Finish

Published 9m ago -

Kialeigh Marston – Copy Editor It might be surprising that the Men’s Cross Country number one running, Andrew “Lambo” Lamb eats a pint of Ben & Jerry’s before every race, however it is even more surprising how much success this young team ha... More »

Top Favorite Sports Rivalries

Published 9m ago -

David Pepin – Sports Editor Rivalries are one of the elements of sports that make them so interesting. From professional rivalries like Yankees vs Red Sox, or international rivalries like USA vs Canada in ice hockey, all the way down to local high schoo... More »