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Theater defining my life

Published 7m ago -

Zachary Sneeringer – Staff writer Opening night: A feeling from being a part of theatre that I have experienced oh so many times. From putting cake loads of makeup on my face before a performance and singing every single song from a musical, until we wer... More »

“Survivor:” A season review

Published 7m ago -

Amber LaBonte – Staff writer The popular competitive reality T.V. series “Survivor” is back for its 37th season. The theme this time is David versus Goliath, and it couldn’t be any more appropriate. As host Jeff Probst has said himself, “A David ... More »

Oh my reboot! Sabrina is back!

Published 7m ago -

Nicholas Sposato – Staff writer We live in a time when revivals and reboots have become a prominent phenomenon in pop culture. It seems like one after another, the films and television of the past are getting a second go at being in the limelight. Shows ... More »

Mix Youtube with music and you get Nathan Sharp

Published 7m ago -

Madelynn Johnson – Staff writer What do music, acting, video games and “Dungeons and Dragons” all have in common? NateWantsToBattle, obviously. Who is he? He is a YouTuber with around 1,390,000 subscribers. Nathan Sharp is a musician, voice actor, vi... More »

Kanye: Lover or Liar?

Published 7m ago -

Kalliopi Karamboulas – Staff writer Nehemiah and Philippe are two general body members of the ALANA network and they have come together to discuss something that has been very controversial in the media. As two well-informed black males in the Assumption... More »

Superhero Legacy: A tribute to Stan Lee

Published 7m ago -

Tyler Cullen – Staff writer On November 12, 2018, one of the greatest creative minds in entertainment, Stanley Martin Leiber, died at age 95. Now several fans have been left to mourn over Stan Lee’s death, and reflect upon his life’s work.  Lee was ... More »

The worst is over

Published 8m ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald, Arts & Entertainment Editor Course registration, you have wronged me for the final time. The first reason is because you disabled my account, so I wasn’t able to register until 8:00 a.m. The second reason is because I’m now a senior,... More »


Why America should tune in to “This American Life”

Published 8m ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Staff Writer Bored of listening to the same songs over and over again? Need a study break from school work to clear your mind? Tired of listening to long radio ads in the car? Try turning on This American Life, an award winning radio program he... More »