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Social Justice Ambassadors

Published 1y ago -

Alexandra Orlandi – Staff Writer The Social Justice Ambassadors Club partnered with the non-profit organization, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), focuses on local and global social issues. CRS provides us with themes of social issues that are current and... More »

RHA Club Spotlight

Published 1y ago -

Samantha Surowiec – Staff writer There’s a new club entering the big leagues, and that is the Residence Hall Association (RHA). At the beginning of this year, we relocated our office to Hagan Campus Center, in between the Student Government Association... More »


START Retreat Reflection

Published 1y ago -

Jenna Smith – STAFF WRITER START is a retreat offered through Assumption’s Campus Ministry office and something many of my friends had previously attended and urged me to consider. After being asked by multiple people if I was going to go through with... More »

Touring all summer

Published 1y ago -

Samantha Surowiec Staff Writer Coming to Assumption College, I knew exactly what on-campus job I wanted: Admissions Ambassador. I fell in love with the passion and commitment of the twelve Ambassadors the first time I encountered them at Accept Assumption, as ... More »

Time Continues

Published 1y ago -

There are so many instances where I bet we could all nod in agreement, that we are just in a writing rut. A drought as you could define it, where any writing ability seems completely abysmal. Well friends, that moment is exactly where I’m at right now. Joyou... More »

Club Insights

Published 1y ago -

Kristina Wyman Campus Life Editor This article will start a series consisting of insights to the different clubs on campus and a general overview of what the clubs continue to present for us and have been known to present. The club spotlight that we feature in... More »

10 things I’ve learned in 10 countries

Published 1y ago -

Sarah Ardolino STAFF WRITER Last semester, spring 2018, I studied abroad at the Assumption College Rome Campus. During my time in Italy, I took advantage of the opportunity to travel to other countries. I ended up seeing ten cities, all unique and all offering... More »