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Do not forget about us

Published 2y ago -

Gemaers Dorvil staff writer Time and time again, I hear the question, “Why do we still celebrate black history month?” I find that interesting because Black History is so critical to the development of America as we see it today. Some do not seem to know t... More »

Intramural fun

Published 2y ago -

I am trying to figure out what to discuss for this column. Someone told me to talk about intramurals, so I guess that is where we find ourselves. I am a senior and I have just decided this year that maybe I should participate in intramurals. I have ben to the ... More »

Experience through involvement

Published 2y ago -

Neydi Ramirez Staff Writer College is a fun experience full of many events, late nights on weekends, trips around New England and endless opportunities to get involved on campus. It takes students to do that. Those students are the ones who are members of the ... More »

Benvenuto al Italian Club

Published 2y ago -

Eric Guditz Copy editor This past weekend, I had the chance to sit down with junior Isabella Bolognese, president of the Italian Club here at Assumption College. The Italian Club existed a few years back, however, due to the departure of graduating senior lead... More »

Interracial relationships: love is love

Published 2y ago -

Nisreen Yatim staff writer Two weeks ago, I hosted an ALANA meeting, which takes place every Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm in Hagan Hall. The acronym ALANA stands for African Latino Asian and Native American. My meeting focused on interracial relationships, and I ... More »

CAB event updates

Published 2y ago -

Kenny Allard Staff writer Hello everyone, for those who may not know me, I am Kenny Allard a member of the class of 2021. I am one of the weekend entertainment executives for the Campus Activities Board. On January 26th, I hosted an escape room event for CAB. ... More »

ALANA Thanksgiving Reflection

Published 2y ago -

Roxann Wint – STAFF WRITER In light of the Holiday of Thanksgiving many fail to realize that the month of November is also Native American Heritage Month. On August 3rd1990, President George H.W. Bush declared that the month of November would stand as t... More »

Assumption Opens its doors to 15-40 Connection

Published 2y ago -

Ryan Morgera – STAFF WRITER Worcester, MA- Assumption College juniors Eniang Bassey, Tim Power and myself are in the midst of setting up a 15-40 Connection Club on campus. 15-40 Connection is a nonprofit organization that teaches people the signs and sy... More »

High School Living

Published 2y ago -

I am going to tell y’all a story about my high school. As the semester comes to a close, I am reminded just how far off high school is from where we, seniors, are now. It’s crazy to think that graduation is right around the corner, so how about some throwb... More »

Day in the Life of a Commuter Student

Published 2y ago -

Katherine O’Neil – STAFF WRITER Most students at Assumption wake up at 9:15 a.m. for a 9:30 a.m. class. They get up, get dressed, perhaps eat breakfast then walk five minutes to class. For commuters, the journey to class is a little more taxing. Commu... More »


Positioning the College toward a Vibrant Future

Published 2y ago -

Francesco C. Cesareo, President of Assumption College Recently I met with the members of the Restructuring Committee to discuss the restructuring of the College. In the course of our conversation, all of us thought it would be helpful if I provided the commun... More »

Speech Class Reflection

Published 2y ago -

Leslie Roda – Staff Writer In Professor Knoles’s speech class, she tasked us with coming up with a class project that will not only benefit the class, but also benefit the people we are trying to get involved with. It took us quite a while to figure o... More »