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Everyones favorite band of brothers is back…

Published 4y ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor The year is 2007. “High School Musical 2” has just finished it’s premier on-air on Disney Channel. Before anyone can change the channel, three boys appear on the screen. They call themselves the Jonas Bro... More »

Decoding the recent “Frozen 2” trailer

Published 4y ago -

Mark San Clemente Staff Writer Some thought that Disney could “let it go” and leave “Frozen” behind with its beautiful animation, powerful storyline and clever music; but, of course, they’re doing a sequel. The “Frozen 2” teaser trailer was relea... More »

Five documentaries you need to binge-watch

Published 4y ago -

Celia Smith Assistant Editor-in-Chief This semester, I’ve been on a True Crime documentary binge. From cults to polygamy to abductions and notorious serial killers, I’ve compiled a list for those of you who are also fascinated with the darker side of human... More »

An unlikely hobby

Published 4y ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor I have never taken a photography class in my life. If you ask me about my knowledge of Photoshop, I’ll stare at you with a blank expression. I have little to no experience what so ever. All I know is that I h... More »