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Fun in the Sun- Ten Activities to Try this Summer

Published 5m ago -

Written by Maureen Lynch Who is ready for summer break? I know I am. If you guys are anything like me, you are already planning out all the things you want to do over break. I know most people will be going home to jobs, or babysitting, or what have you, but t... More »

My Assumption Sticker

Published 5m ago -

By Maggie Buckley, Editor-in-Chief There is a little paw print sticker in the corner of a door leading into Hagan and everytime I see it, I can’t help but smile. “That’s my paw print,” I say to myself. I stuck it there months ago. It’s survived rain,... More »

Celtics in a Race for the 1st Seed in the Playoffs

Published 6m ago -

By Mike Shea Copy Editor With 3 games left in the NBA regular season, we look into the seeding of the playoffs. The Celtics could be anywhere from the 1st seed to the 4th seed by the regular season and I will delve in how each of the scenarios take place.  Ri... More »

Spoiler Free Batman Review

Published 6m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer The Batman, one of the biggest movies of the year came out in theaters on Friday March 4th. People from hardcore comic book fans to casual movie goers rushed to go see the newest take on the dark knight. As of two weekends from ... More »

The Geek Culture Boom

Published 7m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer There has never been a better time than now to be a nerd. Weather its superheroes or sci-fi there seems to be an almost never-ending stream of content. With eight new installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) last year alone... More »

Reviving the Yak

Published 7m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer Ask anyone on campus and you and more than likely they have at least heard of Yik Yak, the anonymous social media platform that connects you with all users in a five mile radius. The app was banned in most school settings years ago d... More »

Let’s All be Allies this Valentine’s

Published 7m ago -

Written by Maureen Lynch February 14th is undoubtedly, a day to celebrate love, in any form. Love for a friend, a family member, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, whomever. However, there is one group of people that seem to be excluded from this celebration... More »

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Published 7m ago -

By Kyle Sorgi, Sports Editor This season’s NBA Trade Deadline came and went on Thursday, February 10, at 3 pm, and up until that time, we saw a few eye-popping trades that sent star players to new teams in trades that will likely impact the 2022 NBA Playoff ... More »

Oscars 2022 Preview

Published 7m ago -

Quinn RyanStaff Writer With the Oscar nominations officially announced for this year, many movie nerds are abuzz with predictions and debates about who was snubbed and who deserves to win. I thought I could take some time to write down a few of my own thoughts... More »

How To Save Money with Mr. MORGAN

Published 8m ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor As this world is constantly changing, so are the ways in which business is conducted. One individual who is taking on the new ways in which business is conducted is Brady Morgan. For those who do not know who Mr. Morgan is, he is a ... More »

Why JENNA Succeeds

Published 8m ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor The Journey It has been a roller coaster of emotions filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Throughout the course of her music journey, she is thankful to have been able to work with Donnie Klang. For those who may not know who Donnie... More »

The Growth of Evelynroze

Published 8m ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Editor As artists begin to go through the challenges of becoming the artist they are meant to become. It is interesting to see what elements define their success most. For Evelynroze, this aspect of growth comes from those who neglect to r... More »