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Harry Styles: Dressed for Controversy

Published 2y ago -

Meredith Backman, Staff Writer In U.S.’ December Vogue issue, Harry Styles made headlines for being featured as the first male star to grace the magazine’s cover. Styles appears to be caught in controversy for adorning a Gucci periwinkle and black lace go... More »

A Present Reflection of the Past

Published 2y ago -

Riley Guay, Staff Writer As 2020 comes to a close, we naturally begin to reflect on the events of these last 12 months. Although 2020 could be described in any number of ways, it has not been a year characterized by silent compliance in the face of grave injus... More »

Spreading Holiday Cheer from Home

Published 2y ago -

Erin Considine, Staff Writer Everyone knows the expression, “home for the holidays,” but being quarantined at home away from our friends and family is not exactly what we imagine when we hear that phrase. The holiday season began with Thanksgiving... More »