An Outlook on the 2022 Red Sox

Published 2 years ago -

By: Michael Shea – Copy Editor

Red Sox Preseason Outlook 

By Michael Shea 

Baseball season is back after a 99 day lockout between owners and players. They have agreed upon bringing baseball with baseball starting two weeks later with opening day March 31st. The games that will be missed will be played as double-headers, or two games in one day. 

Now that baseball is back, let’s review the Red Sox. The Red Sox’s lost to the Astros in the American League Championship last year.

As we move forward let’s look at our infield. On the left side of the field we have Rafeal Devers and Xander Bogaerts. Devers and Bogaerts are considered the faces of our team and is a formidable left side of the diamond.

For our second basemen is also our big acquisition of the season. A couple days ago the Red sox signed Trevor Story of the Rockies to a 6 year deal. Story is a gold glove shortstop and will move over to second base to allow Xander to continue being the shortstop. Xander’s contract is also up next season so Story could go back to shortstop if needed. 

Our first baseman to start the season will be Bobby Dalbec. Dalbec had a tough first half of the season but really brought his hitting up in the second season. We also have prized top prospect Triston Casas who will likely be called up this season. 

For catching we have Christian Vasquez. Vasquez is a very good power hitting catcher who also has good rapport with our pitchers. He is a reliable option and should continue to be this season.

Lets move on to our outfield. For left field we have Alex Verdugo. Verdugo has become a fan favorite for the Red Sox and also a good hitting option as well. He will hold his own during the season. 

Center field we have Kiké Hernandez. Hernandez is a utility man who has played multiple positions last season. He was also our best hitter during the playoff and was our lead off hitter.

Right field we have Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley Jr. was acquired in a trade with the Brewers for right fielder Hunter Renfroe. Bradley Jr. is an elite outfielder who is extremely quick. Unfortunately he is a 0.210 career hitter which is not very good. Speculation was the Red Sox are still looking for more options in right field. 

Now lets move onto our pitching rotation. First we have Chris Sale. Sale is one of the top pitchers in the league but is coming off an injury. He will come back with the team in a couple months.

Next is Nathan Eovaldi. Eovaldi replaced Sale as our ace during the season. Eovaldi was our best pitcher last season and will continue to be a very reliable pitcher during the season. 

Our third pitcher will be Nick Pivetta. Pivetta was a surprise pitcher who did better than his expectations were. Let’s hope he continues his success this season. 

Our fourth pitcher is Rich Hill. Hill signed with the Red Sox this offseason and was on the Red Sox in 2018 and is 42 years old. He is old but has remained fairly decent the past couple years. If the Red Sox do not rely on him too much he will be a fine fourth option.

Lastly, our final pitcher in the starting rotation will be Tanner Houck. Houck is a young pitcher who did really well in short-inning situations. A lot of people have hope in the young kid but we haven’t seen him pitch for a whole season yet. 

The Red Sox also have some other pitching options. James Paxton and Michael Wacha were both signed this offseason as well and Wacha will see playing time as the 6th pitcher and Paxton will play once he comes back from injury halfway through the season. The Red Sox also have Garrett Witlock who is young but primarily was a long relief pitcher.

Overall, I think the Red Sox look good this season. Their division will be very difficult with the Yankees, Rays, and Blue Jays all are projected to be very good teams this season. Even with that said, I have confidence this will be a good season for the Boston Red Sox.

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