Winter is Here

Published 2 months ago -

Adam Ide

Sports Editor

The winter sports season is upon us and with it is an entirely new slate of greyhound athletes to cheer on. With most teams already playing their early games, Assumption’s winter athletes are preparing themselves for greatness. Here is a breakdown of the Greyhound teams to follow through winter break and into next semester.

Men’s Basketball

Starting the season with two back-to-back wins, the greyhound men’s basketball team is rolling out two seniors and two graduate students, meaning they have an overall young team. We will see how coach Scott Faucher fairs leading this team to victory.

Women’s Basketball

The lady greyhounds have gotten off to a hot start with six straight wins to open the season and no signs of slowing down any time soon. Another young team, the team includes one graduate student and one senior. Head coach Kerry Phayre has done an excellent job so far, and everyone will be looking forward to more through the winter.

Men’s Ice Hockey

The greyhounds on ice are looking promising this year, featuring five graduate students and six seniors. With three conference wins already, the men’s hockey team has been able to beat some good competition. Head over to the Worcester Ice Center to see coach Michael Looney and the hockey team in action.

Blue&White Women’s Ice Hockey

Playing since the fall, the lady greyhound on ice have already proven that they are a force to be reckoned with and will be made an actual NCAA sport next season. The team’s senior captains have been able to lead them to ten wins already, with more, hopefully, on the horizon.

Women’s Swimming & Diving

Another team that has been competing since the fall, the women’s swimming and diving team, is ready to dive into the winter. Coming in second place in the 2022 Worcester City Championships is a good indicator that the lady greyhounds are a competitive bunch. Led by interim head coach Richard Ludemann, the greyhounds have a long winter road ahead of them.

Men’s Track & Field 

Led by one graduate student and a whopping thirteen seniors, the men’s track team seems like a formidable opponent on paper. Many team members competed on the cross country team in the fall, and if their performance indicates what is to come, then the greyhounds have a successful winter to look forward to.

Women’s Track & Field

With a total of sixteen seniors, the women’s track team is in a similar situation to their male counterparts. With many athletes returning from the fall, they should have no problem jumping back into competition and blowing past their opponents.

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