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Spoiler Free Batman Review

Published 11m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer The Batman, one of the biggest movies of the year came out in theaters on Friday March 4th. People from hardcore comic book fans to casual movie goers rushed to go see the newest take on the dark knight. As of two weekends from ... More »

My Head Scarf, My Identity

Published 11m ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer As we step foot on the streets of America today, we’re surrounded by countless cultures, backgrounds, genders, and identities. My head scarf is my identity. I looked in the mirror one cold morning in sixth grade when I made the de... More »

Interview with Rick Cinclair, photojournalist

Published 11m ago -

Photojournalism is no easy task. This is especially true for Rick Cinclair, who covered a standoff between protestors and police during 2020’s social unrest despite the threat of Roman candles and other incendiaries.  Cinclair, the chief photographer fo... More »

An Outlook on the 2022 Red Sox

Published 11m ago -

By: Michael Shea – Copy Editor Red Sox Preseason Outlook  By Michael Shea  Baseball season is back after a 99 day lockout between owners and players. They have agreed upon bringing baseball with baseball starting two weeks later with opening da... More »

Kenobi: Trailer Breakdown

Published 11m ago -

By: Teresa Prytko  The upcoming Kenobi series, streaming exclusively on Disney+, will (hopefully) answer questions that Star Wars fans have been trying to figure out for years.  The most important one clearly is; how did Obi-Wan age so fast?  Th... More »

Brady’s Back! (Like He Never Even Left)

Published 11m ago -

By: Kyle Sorgi, Sports Editor In case you haven’t heard by now (or have heard, but still can’t believe it), Tom Brady is unretiring! He will return to the Buccaneers for his 23rd NFL season just one month after playing what many people thought was his last... More »

The Geek Culture Boom

Published 11m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer There has never been a better time than now to be a nerd. Weather its superheroes or sci-fi there seems to be an almost never-ending stream of content. With eight new installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) last year alone... More »

Reviving the Yak

Published 11m ago -

By: Adam Ide, Staff Writer Ask anyone on campus and you and more than likely they have at least heard of Yik Yak, the anonymous social media platform that connects you with all users in a five mile radius. The app was banned in most school settings years ago d... More »

Surviving Midterms

Published 11m ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer For Assumption university students and most universities in the United States, it’s time to enable those study skills as a midterms approach and stress levels increase. Through these stressful times for students, one may be seekin... More »

The Retirement of President Francesco Cesareo

Published 11m ago -

By Maggie Buckley, Editor-in-Chief After 15 years as President of Assumption University, Francesco Cesareo has decided to retire. The news, delivered in a community-wide email on Tuesday, March 8, came as a shock to many, especially considering Cesareo just si... More »

Celtics Finding Their Stride

Published 11m ago -

By: Michael Shea Copy Editor Since the NBA All-star weekend in mid-February, the Celtics have found their stride this season. They have won 5 out of their past 6 games.  The Celtics are currently tearing up the league. They currently have the top defense in t... More »