IGOR: The Ukrainian Artist

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Igor Seemann is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, and creative artist. His main job is being a paramedic. Since 2008 he’s worked in a university hospital setting at Freiburg in South Germany in intensive transport. His goals for this year are to become a more experienced guitarist and a better songwriter. When he is not working on his craft or helping others with his paramedic job he is driving to a show, to see one of his favorite bands.

In the past, he was able to take lessons from Mr. Tremonti from Alter Bridge. Another individual he would like to learn from is Michael Poulsen from Volbeat, or Adam Gontier from Saint Asonia. From his previous experiences working with people and those he transports he was driven to write Oblivion. As he thought to himself once.

“I hear so many stories that I sometimes forget my own. That became the main idea in my song Oblivion that I will record as soon as possible.”

THE Band 

His band Excess Inside is a typical example of an evolution of a man and his music. In addition to this band, he is also part of  X-Disclaimer. The name of the band came from his band partner Oliver back in the day. Excess Inside is about that feeling that we all can relate to. It’s the excitement you get as an artist when you are on stage, this feeling you get standing on the beach and hearing the ocean, as well as everything we don’t want to go through, like laying on a stretcher of an abundance or seeing one’s loved ones in trouble.  

As the world is now in a conflicting dilemma overseas, Igor spoke briefly on the situation in Ukraine. Today the political situation is difficult as war never changes. For those who may not know Igor, he was born in Ukraine but moved to Germany when he was young. He recalls living in the south directly near the Black Sea. From the great warm summer months fishing with his grandfather to moving and readjusting to life in Germany which was very different as the sea was right behind their old house.

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