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Let’s All be Allies this Valentine’s

Published 12m ago -

Written by Maureen Lynch February 14th is undoubtedly, a day to celebrate love, in any form. Love for a friend, a family member, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, whomever. However, there is one group of people that seem to be excluded from this celebration... More »

Oscars 2022 Preview

Published 12m ago -

Quinn RyanStaff Writer With the Oscar nominations officially announced for this year, many movie nerds are abuzz with predictions and debates about who was snubbed and who deserves to win. I thought I could take some time to write down a few of my own thoughts... More »

COVID-19 & Mental Health

Published 12m ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer The effects of COVID-19 have been horrendous on our mental health. With millions of cases across the United States and billions worldwide, almost everyone in our society has been affected in one way or another. Some with the virus t... More »

Pinky Swear Pack Pottery Night

Published 12m ago -

By Adam Ide, Staff Writer On Friday, February 4th the Pinky Swear Pack hosted their latest event in the Hagan Campus Center. The event was Pottery Paint Night where students were able to enjoy a night of ceramic mug-painting and pizza-eating. Those in attendan... More »

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Published 12m ago -

By Kyle Sorgi, Sports Editor This season’s NBA Trade Deadline came and went on Thursday, February 10, at 3 pm, and up until that time, we saw a few eye-popping trades that sent star players to new teams in trades that will likely impact the 2022 NBA Playoff ... More »

The Joe Rogan Experience [UNLIKE ANY OTHER]

Published 12m ago -

Joseph Letizio, Copy Ed­i­tor In today’s world, everyone is offended by something and nothing at the same time. It’s easy for anyone to judge, especially those in the media a lot. Recently, The Joe Rogan Experience has had a lot of negative press. Thou... More »

Knowing Nothing about Nope

Published 1y ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer It always impresses me when new directors arrive on the scene and knock it out of the park on their first try. Among the list of famously good directorial debuts, people throw around the names Orson Welles for Citizen Kane, John Sin... More »

Encanto Movie Review

Published 1y ago -

By Isabella Mastrototoro, Staff Writer Bored and can not decide what to watch? Next movie night you should watch Disney’s Encanto which takes place in Columbia and is about the family Madrigal whose magical gifts are disappearing. It is up to Mirab... More »