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CAB hosts Spring Ball 2022

Published 10m ago -

By Caleb White, Online Editor For many juniors and seniors it was a night to remember. On Friday, April 8, Assumption’s Campus Activities Board hosted their annual Spring Ball event for the first time since 2019 — before the pandemic. At night, the uppercl... More »

Fun in the Sun- Ten Activities to Try this Summer

Published 10m ago -

Written by Maureen Lynch Who is ready for summer break? I know I am. If you guys are anything like me, you are already planning out all the things you want to do over break. I know most people will be going home to jobs, or babysitting, or what have you, but t... More »

My Assumption Sticker

Published 10m ago -

By Maggie Buckley, Editor-in-Chief There is a little paw print sticker in the corner of a door leading into Hagan and everytime I see it, I can’t help but smile. “That’s my paw print,” I say to myself. I stuck it there months ago. It’s survived rain,... More »

Tips to End the Semester Strong

Published 10m ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer Though we are all dragging by the end of April, here are a few tips on how to finish out the academic year in the best shape possible. Review your grades and reach out to professors if you notice there are outstanding grades. 2. Set... More »

The Injustices of Abortion Bans

Published 10m ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer We are living in the middle of perhaps one of the biggest civil rights violations in mylifetime. There has been a law passed in Oklahoma that is essentially a blanket ban on abortions.There has been sweeping pro-life sentiment build... More »

Kuana’ike (Perspective)

Published 10m ago -

By Sarah St Pierre, Staff WriterMy eyes opened wide as I was abruptly woken from my deep slumber. The sound ofsirens blasted through my eardrums, but I barely recognized the noise. It didn’t sound like anormal fire alarm or a police car or even a fire truck.... More »

Interview with Jennifer Toland, sports reporter

Published 10m ago -

By Caleb White, Online Editor For Worcester sports journalist Jennifer Toland, nothing beats a good underdog story, whether it’s about the Patriots’ first Super Bowl win or an exciting match from a local collegiate team. “There was a lot of debate over w... More »

Club Spotlight: Anime Club

Published 10m ago -

By: Teresa Prytko *Design created by Emily Le ‘25 No one can deny the impact that anime and Japanese culture, in general, has made on the culture in the United States.  Anime first came over to Western audiences in the 60s, but it was not until the 90s ... More »

‘Whos’ Stealing from Who?

Published 10m ago -

By Quinn Ryan, Staff Writer Let’s talk about Dr. Seuss, shall we? Obviously, he was the subject of a lot of controversy when his publishing company decided to stop printing several books which depicted racist imagery or sentiments. Many people falsely claime... More »

Happiness or Hits?

Published 10m ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer It is so easy to be carried away with society. The daily hot and trends of our society are driving a majority of what we were. Whether it be iPhones or the coolest new shoes in style by highly influential celebrities, we tend to fol... More »

A Tribute to One of College Basketball’s Finest

Published 10m ago -

By: Kyle Sorgi, Sports Editor Men’s college basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski made a home at Duke University for 42 years and, in that time, became one of NCAA’s greatest head coaches of all time in a career defined by remarkable consistency, character... More »