Tips to End the Semester Strong

Published 10 months ago -

By Naima Rauf, Staff Writer

Though we are all dragging by the end of April, here are a few tips on how to finish out the academic year in the best shape possible.

  1. Review your grades and reach out to professors if you notice there are outstanding grades.

2. Set aside extra hours to be productive academically.

3. If there are any paper prompts you are provided beforehand, BRAINSTORM and even begin writing! Time flies quickly in the last few weeks.

4. Return any rentals! The deadlines are yet to come for Assumption’s bookstore, but best to do it beforehand so you don’t forget.

5. Return library books.

6. Save content used in class! If your professor is one to post content for class on the portal, save that to your computer for finals.

7. Organize a study group for finals.

8. Make sure you use your points at Chucks before the end of the semester, as they expire.

9. Write your last Le Provocateur article 😉

10. Look forward to a relaxing & safe summer, and set your schedule for next semester.

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