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Finding your Vocation with Campus Ministry

Published 4y ago -

Stephanie McCaffrey – Associate Director of Campus Ministry A couple weeks ago, a group of students participated in the annual Horizon Retreat, which takes place each November in Wareham, MA. A smaller group of students served as team members for the re... More »

Being Dynamic

Published 4y ago -

We all have existential crises at some point in our lives. Sometimes we even have multiple. These crises come when we feel as though we do not know the next step in our lives or where we are headed in the future. We are constantly trying to figure out, and as ... More »

Celebrity Deaths: Honoring our Fallen Stars

Published 4y ago -

Samantha Surowiec – Staff Writer As 2018 is coming to a close, I’m taking the time to reflect on the lives we lost this year in the world of pop culture. As we grow and age, so do our favorite childhood and current stars. Every year we have seen these... More »

Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Updates

Published 4y ago -

David Cifarelli – Editor-In-Chief Romaine lettuce is starting to return to grocery stores after an E. coli outbreak to hit the leafy lettuce this past month. The York Daily Reporter stated that the produce would begin its reentry this weekend. This come... More »

Campus Police Does “No-Shave” November

Published 4y ago -

Richard Hudson Staff Writer If you noticed Campus Police personnel sporting beards during the month of November, it is not a new fashion trend for law enforcement. Instead, it is part of a nationwide effort to care for and raise awareness for the invisible wou... More »


California Wildfires Rage On

Published 4y ago -

Iva Juka – Staff Writer Within the past month, the Northern region of California has endured one of its most destructive wildfires ever recorded in U.S history. The “Camp Fire” wildfire blazed through California’s land for seventeen days straight,... More »

Frisbee szn

Published 4y ago -

It started off just a way to pass the time after school. One day in middle school, my neighbors and I, bored of our normal routine of football and wiffle ball, found a frisbee in my garage. One of my neighbors knew about this weird game called Ultimate Frisbee... More »

Men’s Cross Country has best Program Finish

Published 4y ago -

Kialeigh Marston – Copy Editor It might be surprising that the Men’s Cross Country number one running, Andrew “Lambo” Lamb eats a pint of Ben & Jerry’s before every race, however it is even more surprising how much success this young team ha... More »

Top Favorite Sports Rivalries

Published 4y ago -

David Pepin – Sports Editor Rivalries are one of the elements of sports that make them so interesting. From professional rivalries like Yankees vs Red Sox, or international rivalries like USA vs Canada in ice hockey, all the way down to local high schoo... More »

ALANA Thanksgiving Reflection

Published 4y ago -

Roxann Wint – STAFF WRITER In light of the Holiday of Thanksgiving many fail to realize that the month of November is also Native American Heritage Month. On August 3rd1990, President George H.W. Bush declared that the month of November would stand as t... More »