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Published 4 months ago -

Ethan Buckingham, Staff Writer

If you spend your days immersed in science fiction, or with your head in the clouds, get ready for a space age dream to come to life. 

NASA has recently announced the scheduled launch date of its new poster child, Artemis I, and along with it, the Artemis Program. On Sep 13, 2022, NASA told listeners its rocket would launch on Sep 27, 2022, just a two week deficit, with a back up date of Oct 2nd, 2022. 

Dutifully named after the Greco-Roman goddess of the moon, the Artemis rockets, and the other behemoth machines that are to come with them, have pointed their sights at their namesake. 

The mission’s aim is to reestablish a human presence on the moon, NASA has drawn up massive plans to create the first livable habitat, or more colloquially, the first lunar colony, on the moon. 

Originally, Artemis one was supposed to launch on Sept. 3. Hydrogen leaks were detected within Artemis. One during fueling, along with computer glitches stemming from mission control. 

These tribulations were enough for mission engineers to recall Artemis One, where it was examined and repaired. NASA was able to replace the leaky seals within the tail service mast in just one week, dubbing Artemis one space worthy again. 

Keep your eyes on the skies, and maybe you’ll see the unmanned test flight rocketing out of the atmosphere. This monumental flight aims to break records and make history, by placing the first woman, and first person of color on the lunar surface. 

The launch was successfully launched on Sept. 27, and will be in orbit for 25 days. 

Stamping not just the footprints of the original pioneers, but those of the many generations of inspired explorers, to come.

All information was taken from the NASA website.

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