Love the Fight: Every Day, Every Moment.

Published 3 years ago -

Gina Savino, Sports Editor

Last Wednesday, January 15th, tragedy struck in Vero Beach, Florida. The Holy Cross women’s rowing team was on their winter break training trip, headed to practice in the morning, before the first of their two vans was involved in a serious accident. Due to the nature of the crash, the College of the Holy Cross, as well as many others, lost a beloved member of their community. The rowing community of Worcester, as well as everyone affected by this tragedy, have come together in a time of grief and stood together.

As a member of a Worcester college rowing team, this news obviously hits home for me. Grace Rett, the sophomore from Holy Cross who lost her life that day, was someone I probably crossed paths with at the Donahue Rowing Center nearly every week. She was a standout athlete, and she was a talented basketball player as well as her rowing accomplishments. My teammates and I watched Grace as she broke the world record and sat on an erg for an absurd amount of hours. That kind of motivation and drive is something that all athletes wish they had.

Other Holy Cross rowers had been either taken by ambulance or helicopter to hospitals from the crash site. I have read that all of the other girls, as well as the driver of the van and the driver of the truck, are expected to live. Some of the other girls have been released from the hospital. They, along with the members of the team who still are recovering, need our prayers. Even if you aren’t really religious, I ask that you keep the team, Holy Cross, the rowing community, and all of those affected by the crash in your thoughts.

Many of the Holy Cross teams have adopted the slogan “Love the Fight,” which I believe we should carry over to the Assumption campus. Love what you do. Love it so much that you know if this were your last day doing it, you would’ve given your all. Take the opportunities given to you in stride, and even if it becomes a challenge, rise to the occasion. Make sure everyone who competes beside you as well as those who compete against you knows they are so cherished and loved by their community. Take advantage of every game day, race day, or meet day. Love the fight.

The Assumption rowing team, with help from SGA, has organized a fundraiser in order to help support the medical costs that need to be covered for the members of the team who were injured and are recovering. We tabled in Charlie’s last week, and the support the Assumption community was able to provide is amazing. But if there is more that you can give, or if you didn’t have the opportunity to donate, talk to a member of rowing team (like me) or a member of SGA to see how you can help.

Remember, please keep Holy Cross and the Rett family, as well as everyone affected by accident in your thoughts and prayers. Love the fight, and here at Assumption, we will stand strong with Holy Cross.

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