New Year’s resolutions: are they worth the hype?

Published 3 years ago -

Grace Corbett, Staff Writer

Being just about a month into the New Year and a few short weeks into the semester, people across campus have started getting into their groove. Traditionally, it is around this time that people join the gym, cut out the sugar and vow to get their you-know-what together. This begs the question, ‘why wait till the first of the year?’

I feel like New Year’s resolutions are a hit or miss for people, you either love them and stick to them or you feel like any day is as good as any to begin the journey of bettering your life. There are probably pros for both directions people go in when forming a personal resolution.

Initiating you lifestyle changes on January 1st kick starts your year and almost feels as if you have to stick to it to keep propelling your year forward. By talking about your own personal resolutions with people when that’s the only conversation starter to be thought of, you are somehow tied to this goal now. For the next 365 days, this is part of your identity.

Alternatively, picking a random Tuesday in June to start your personal quest to awesomeness seems like a good idea as well. To me, this seems like a great self-motivator since there is no pressure of the ‘New Year new me’ mantra. It started simply because you put it into action. If you can make it your routine now, don’t wait till 2021!

I find myself somewhere in the middle of these two different types of people. I am never one to start working on my goals promptly on January 1st, however, I begin to feel the pressure once I am asked what my goals are. I think a lot of people can relate to me with this, falling somewhere on the spectrum away from New Year’s Day and that random Tuesday in June.

What is important is that the goals get achieved. It is never harmful to have a goal in mind when beginning something new. Having it be either a new school year or a new decade, it’s about taking each day to get closer to your goals. Using these goals is also a great opportunity to grow. So I say, whatever works for you. Get out there and see what you can achieve this year.


Tips for goals:

  1. Start small
  2. Get into a routine
  3. Keep things like lists, planners, calendars, etc.
  4. Positivity is key
  5. Do not be afraid of a fresh start
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