Club Spotlight: Assumption College Republican Club

Published 3 years ago -

Tyler Cullen, Copy Editor

The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans, or College Republicans for short has been on campus for over a year now. Given the time I have spent with this club and its members I can officially say that it is in fact the best party on campus. Now I may be slightly biased seeing how I am the Vice President of the club, but I promise our club is what this campus needs. Regardless of political affiliation students need to be more empowered when it comes to getting involved on campus and also in the greater community. Within a year the club has accomplished some pretty remarkable things. Collectively, we have gathered each week to discuss some of the hottest topics and political issues facing the American people. In addition to discussing politics within the club we have also tabled several times last semester and will continue our efforts to an even greater extent during the current semester. The club started off last semester with a bang by attending the always important club fair at the start of the school year. Then came our tabling event for Halloween where we gave out candy, and each piece cake with a spooky political fact.

While the Halloween table was a blast, perhaps the most rewarding tabling event our club put on last semester was a card drive for Veteran’s Day. What we accomplished with this table as a club was amazing. Not only were we able to get students to make over one hundred cards for veterans, but we also raised a decent amount of money for the veterans home right down the street from campus. Moving on from the Veteran’s Day table we also manned a festive Thanksgiving table where we encouraged each student walking by to write what they were thankful down on a paper feather, and we then stuck the feather onto our turkey cut out for

everyone to see. Speaking of festive, College Republicans finished the semester strong by attending Christmas in Charlie’s where student fit ti celebrate with ornament making and elephant shaped cookies.

Aside from tabling College Republicans also made it a point to attend the PAWS sponsored “Take Back the Night” event that worked to empower survivors of sexual assault. During this event our very own Brendon Padula and Renee Leavitt has the honor of reading a poem that highlighted the true horrors of sexual assault. The best event we have hosted thus far had to be our Pie Partisan Late Night event in The Hagan Campus Center, and hopefully it becomes a tradition because it was just so much fun. Our club supplied what seemed like a never ending amount of pie for all who came. The best part was that we also played a game of Jeopardy where contestants got to win some epic prizes.

In fact, our first late night event was so phenomenal that we have a second late night coming up in February. We are all extremely excited to put on another great late night and all are welcomed to come. Even though we are sworn to secrecy for now I can ensure you that what we have in store will make for a great time and fun for everyone. Even though the club has been very successful over the pst year with all of these events it is important to note that we are still growing and are always looking for more members. During meetings we play games, talk politics and watch a mix of both informative and satirical political videos online that spark great discussion. So all in all if you have a desire to feel more politically active and involved on campus feel free to come to one of meetings and give it a try. College Republicans meets every Thursday at 8 pm in Tsotsis 210 (TFAC), all are welcomed even if you do not fully agree with the Republican Party platform. At the end of the day our club hopes to promote respect political discourse on campus and to get everyone in on the conversation.

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