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Joe Letizio Arts and En­ter­tain­ment ed­i­tor

Cordless Cre8ors, is a website that was developed to share insight into the entertainment industry; through interviewing people with experience in the music and film industry.

The name Cordless Creators originated from my own experience as a DJ and my love for music. When the social media accounts for this brand were getting set up there was a limit to the number of characters which could be used for the name on twitter which is why the name changed to Cordless Cre8ors.

As I began to consider what I wanted to be in the future there was only one answer and that was that I want to be a content writer. While not in the classroom, I have progressed through the barriers of the entertainment industry and have been able to individuals such as; Jeremey Hecht, Joshua Hoffman, Darren Bezuidenhout, Kevin Gullickson, KMAX, Can Canel, Jason Howard, DFlexXx, Mallokay, Riley among several others!. Though some situations were smoother than others, I have learned essential skills that I feel are needed to understand what it will be like as I dive more into the entertainment industry.

Aside from writing, I created a podcast in February which has been slowly gaining new listeners. At this current moment I have listeners from; CT, MA, NY, NJ, OH, CA, and TX. As for international listeners, I have listeners from the UK, LB, IL, IND, and EL.

[I plan on expanding my podcast to interview people in Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, and businesses around the world]

To view my podcast click the link below!

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