Final Column

Published 3 years ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Well, this is my last column for Le Provocateur. I honestly cannot fathom this is the end. Or that it ended like this. As all other college seniors, I never thought I would be finishing out my college career from the four walls of my hometown bedroom. Everything feels so surreal.

Since I’ve been confined in my house over the past two months, I have had copious amounts of time to think about my four years at Assumption. Probably more than enough time to think honestly. Four years is a decent amount of time, and a lot has happened from August 2016 until now. I am not the same person who lived in Des Hall during my first year at Assumption College.

I don’t want this final column to be a cheesy reflection about being an undergrad, littered with clichés and tropes about the college experience. Rather, something for me to look back fondly on. To remember the good days of college.

For me, music is very powerful. And special. A certain song can open a floodgate of images, memories and feelings from a distinct period of time in my life. There are songs so defining that I cannot help but to be brought back to the past.

To commemorate my interesting, wild, weird, challenging, fun, unique and precious four years of college, here are the eight songs for eight semesters that hold significant meaning for me.

Fall 2016: “No Problem,” Chance the Rapper

This song marks the beginning of a new chapter in life for me: first year of college. Not to be dramatic or anything, but freshman year was life changing. Suddenly, I had so much freedom that I’ve never possessed earlier in life, and I was liberated to start growing into the person I am today. I met some people that have become such close friends over the past four years. People I couldn’t imagine life without. “No Problem” was the ultimate party song that fall, next to “Closer” by the Chainsmokers, and it will forever remind me of the new experiences I had as a first-year student.

Spring 2017: “Somebody Else,” The 1975

This song gives me all the feels. It is unrequited love. It is sadness. It is distraction.

Fal1 2017: “Into the Mystic,” Van Morrison

This song feels like a warm hug. It makes me smile every time I listen to it. LLC, dinner parties, sangria, good food and good friends. Autumn was just so beautiful that year.

Spring 2018: “Shot down,” Khalid

This was the semester I learned the importance of kindness.

Fall 2018: “Electric Love,” BORNS

The first time I heard this song, I felt as the title suggests: electric. I had this song on repeat for weeks on end. Junior year first semester was challenging, but very rewarding. This song embodies just that for me.

Spring 2019: “Goodie Bag,” Still Woozy

This is still one of my top songs to this day. And every single time it comes up on shuffle, I think back to junior year. Spring 2019 was my favorite semester of college; I held the privilege of being an upperclassman without the fear of a looming graduation. Long story short, fun times and good vibes. This is also the semester I went blonde-ish. Coincidence?

Fall 2019: “Softly,” Clario

This song is special to me. First semester senior year truly was so soft and so sweet.

Spring 2020: “Blue World,” Mac Miller

This song, more specifically, this album came out at the perfect time. Mac Miller captures anxiousness, sadness, loneliness and confusion so beautifully. I related to his words and melodies.

Sarah is an English Major for the Class of 2020.
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