How music has molded me

Published 4 years ago -

Christine Toher
Staff writer

Since I could speak, music has been my entire world. Every home movie my family has from the time I was two involved me singing some type of song I had created. This love of music is why nobody was surprised when I wanted to learn how to play the flute when I was 9-years-old.
In high school, I was shy, awkward and withdrawn. I had a hard time putting myself out there. I did not play sports and I was not into a lot of the clubs offered. Music was everything to me and became a way for me to express myself. I became involved in the school band, the marching band and the flute choirs, making friends with the people in these groups through our shared loved of music. I began to push myself outside of my comfort zone, participating in competitive auditions and performing for judges who ranked my abilities. My senior year, I gave a recital in front of all of my peers, something I would never have been able to do four years prior.
Coming to Assumption, I decided to join the school’s Music Ministry. Singing was always something that terrified me beyond belief, as my voice is not anything to write home about, so I played my flute. I began to really love the idea of being in a choir, however I was still uncomfortable with the idea of singing. Slowly, over the course of almost four years, I began to feel comfortable with my voice and being able to sing in front of others.
Looking back on the girl I was in high school, who was so shy, withdrawn and afraid to sing and comparing her to the person I am now, who is brave enough to take voice classes with Assumption’s own Margaret Tartaglia, is crazy. I am so glad that music has always been there for me, pushing me to my fullest potential and able to get me out of my comfort zone. It has always been a constant for me, even when I am having a rough day, but it is also where I can express myself. I have met my best friends through musical groups and will talk to anyone about composers or movie scores.
Without music, I would not be where I am now. Music has given me opportunities that I would never have had, and I would not want to have devoted my life to anything else.

Christine Toher, a senior, studies Elementary Education. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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