Who is Emilia Fart? The girl who’s shifting YouTube

Published 4 years ago -

Nicholas Sposato, Staff Writer

As anyone who has visited the popular site would know, YouTube is home to a grand variety of content. Music videos, tutorials, vlogs and more have been uploaded for viewers around the world to access and enjoy. Similarly, there is a diverse array of content creators who have built careers on the website, something that was reinforced for me this summer when a YouTuber by the name of Emilia Fart popped up in my recommendations tab. Her account has over four hundred seventy-five thousand subscribers, many of whom refer to her as a “queen” and “icon.”

Upon my discovery of the Canadian YouTuber, I really did not know what to think. What struck me right away was her wardrobe; Emilia’s regular attire consists of a robe, a neck scarf and a peach boa. This is combined with fluorescent eye-makeup, overdrawn lipstick and her signature green hair. On top of that, she presents a lively, over the top persona that even comes off as cartoonish at times.

Surely, I thought, Emilia Fart was not a real person, but a character being portrayed by a real person. It would not be the first time that an actress created an online personality for entertainment purposes. I was not entirely wrong. Emilia Fart can act and she is quite entertaining. However, she is completely authentic.

Emilia’s videos range in terms of seriousness. Some of them are so absurd it is comedic. Emilia once posted a video titled “Coming out to my mom on hidden camera” in which she came out to her mother – as a ghost. The YouTuber then went about her day wearing a white sheet with a smiley face.

Another time, Emilia filmed herself bleaching her eyebrows in a grocery store, which certainly requires a special degree of boldness. There is also a video of the time Emilia ordered McDonalds to a park in the middle of the night. These all fit with the prevailing theme of Emilia’s channel: do what makes you happy.

There are also more solemn topics that have been discussed on Emilia’s channel. She has talked about her past struggles with eating disorders and the severe measures she used to take to fit the societal expectations of beauty. It may come as a shock to some that such a free spirit was once anything but free.

On her channel, Emilia is extremely open about how she once derived her sense of self-worth from others, specifically she would seek validation from boys. She let her perceived attractiveness and sexual appeal determine her value as a human.

What I find most endearing about Emilia Fart – aside from her epic tongue popping skills and her eccentric sense of style – is her raw honesty. In a twist of irony, she is a self-proclaimed narcissist who incessantly points out her flaws. Emilia makes personal jabs at her body, her intelligence and her personality. Emilia shares that, even now, she worries about how others think of her. She does not attempt to hide or change these aspects of her life to give off an image of perfection. Alternatively, she draws attention to the insecurities and fears we all experience but tend not to discuss.

Whether Emilia realizes it or not, her impact is not just powerful – it is necessary. She has constructed a sanctuary where laughter, love, creativity and self-expression are unbounded. Her channel advocates for individuality and self-love, which is perfectly summed up in a quote from one of her videos: “The coolest thing a person can do is unabashedly do what they think is cool.” We could all learn from this liberating ideology.

How many times have you wanted to do something, but held back for fear of being judged? Maybe you have been contemplating dying your hair a certain color. Perhaps you have a secret passion for bedazzling, but fear the response from your loved ones. You might even have a beloved boa, like Emilia. Whatever it is, as long as it’s safe to do so, go for it. Emilia Fart and I support you.


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