Russia offers North Korea power plant

Published 4 years ago -

Katie Samalis

Copy Editor

Russia has offered North Korea a deal to create a nuclear power plant in exchange for the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The totalitarian regime has been an increasing nuclear threat, especially to the United States.

The increase of North Korean missile testing led to summits with the United States in an attempt to denuclearize the dangerous regime. While the Trump administration insists that the summits have led to the totalitarian regime to commit to and start the process of denuclearization, North Korea has not made any significant steps in attempting to denuclearize. Russia offered the secret deal to North Korea last fall and would help the leaders set up the plant, and assist with any removal of nuclear waste to prevent North Korea from creating new nuclear weapons.

North Korea has been a totalitarian and socialist dictatorship since 1965. The regime holds deeply the governing philosophy of Juche. Juche promotes self-reliance and self-mastery and is predicated from being independent from the claims or destinies of other revolutions. It calls for separation from all other people, philosophies, and revolutions, claiming autonomy and freedom of North Korea without foreign aid.

Juche is also a mix of socialist theory, militarism, Confucianism and revelation.  The ideology is a series of ideas that contradict and do not entirely mesh together, highlighting the problematic principles that the regime holds attempts to perpetuate.

Russia is offering to provide resources to the North Korea for a nuclear power plant not to construct nuclear missiles, but instead to power the country. The regime, because of its dedication to Juche philosophy and rejection of the western culture, has been unable to develop economically and most citizens are living in squalor. The country needs extensive improvements, first and foremost in its leadership. The Un family’s reign of terror has decimated the entire country and foreign intervention is necessary to stop the human rights abuses within the country. Other regimes must be prudent when intervening and providing the regime of North Korea with resources that could do much good as well as harm such as a nuclear power plant.

Many are questioning the motive of Russia in providing North Korea with the nuclear power plant. Former White House staffer Victor Cha told the Washington Post, “The Russians are very opportunistic when it comes to North Korea, and this is not the first time they’ve pursued an energy stake in Korea. Previous administrations have not welcomed these Russian overtures, but with Trump, you never know because he doesn’t adhere to traditional thinking.”

While Russia may seem to have good intentions with wanting to help North Korea establish a nuclear power plant, one must remember Russia’s horrible history of human right abuses. A neutral party should arbitrate the resources and implementation of this nuclear power plant to ensure that it is being used to for its intended purpose and not for the creation of weapons that could be used to harm American citizens.

Katie Samalis, a senior, studies Political Science. She is a Copy Editor for Le Provocateur.

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