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How to get your Greyhound Pride this year

Published 3d ago -

Alyssa Jalbert Staff Writer The life of a student athlete is not an easy one. Along with challenging academics, student athletes dedicate a great amount of time to their teams. From early morning practices to late night homew... More »

The best uniform from each sport

Published 3d ago -

Look good, feel good, play good. The famous saying may or may not have any solid evidence behind it, but who cares anyway. It’s no secret that the apparel of the teams taking the field are one of the key attractions that make sports so interesting to watch. Especially in today’s world, with the emphasis on social media sharing, the uniform revolution has blown up, with each team and uniform su... More »

Spotlight on intramurals: A look into Assumption’s intramural scene

Published 3d ago -

Marissa Butler Staff Writer Freshman year, I was under the impression that intramural sports were all about having fun and playing a sport with people who are equally as bad as you. I was most definitely wrong. In high school, I played soccer, basketball and varsity softball. When it came time to sign up for spring semester intramurals, I wanted to try something that I had never done before. I dec... More »

NBA mid-season recap and predictions

Published 3d ago -

Richard Hudson Staff Writer The NBA is approaching the midpoint of its 2018-19 season and there have been a number of interesting developments thus far. While some of these developments have been expected, some have not been (Celtics fans, I am talking to you). Last summer saw Lebron James abandoning the Cleveland Cavaliers to go play with the Los Angeles Lakers in hopes of starting a new dynasty ... More »

What sport should Kyler Murray choose?

Published 3d ago -

Leslie Roda Staff Writer Oklahoma star quarterback Kyler Murray has come across a tough decision: MLB or NFL. This decision cannot possibly be easy for anyone. Not many Division-I players can say that they have the potential to be drafted high in both the MLB and NFL draft. In the 2018 MLB draft, Murray was drafted ninth overall by the Oakland Athletics. He signed a contract with the A’s, which ... More »

Intramural fun

Published 3d ago -

I am trying to figure out what to discuss for this column. Someone told me to talk about intramurals, so I guess that is where we find ourselves. I am a senior and I have just decided this year that maybe I should participate in intramurals. I have ben to the gym throughout my years here at Assumption College, but I never thought to participate in any organized sport of some sort. Last semester, f... More »


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Valentine’s Party of One

Published 11h ago -

Lauren Fitzgerald Arts & Entertainment Editor I know what you’re thinking. It’s the season of love again. It’s the time where hearts are all around us, stores are packed with pink and red gifts and couples are infatuated everywhere. Some of us are bl... More »



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