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7 Week Terms: Receiving Half the Education in Half the Time

Published 6d ago -

Sam Surowiec, Staff Writer In March of this year, the world seemed to flip upside down. We all went home for spring break excited to get back to campus, but we never did. Instead, our homes became our university, and I finished my junior year from my bedroom. Classes were hastily transitioned online because of COVID-19, and both students and faculty alike struggled to acclimate themselves to a ne... More »


Published 6d ago -

Seth Bogolofski, Staff Writer When upcoming rap group Flatbush Zombies made the decision to collaborate with standout artist Joey Badass, the potential for this album rose through the ceiling. Produced by Beast Coast Media and Columbia Record, Beast Coast was created with a deeper inspiration to brotherhood. The title actually is a metaphor, as the group looks to escape the hallowed remains of th... More »

The Yemen Crisis

Published 6d ago -

Tabatha Criollo, Staff Writer   According to the Mercy Corps, there are 12.2 million children in need of humanitarian assistance, and around 2 million kids under the age of 5 are malnourished. Yemen children are dying every 10 minutes from famine. The Yemen crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, and it is not being talked about enough. Why is that? The on-going war between S... More »

Folklore: Ranking the Songs on the Album

Published 3w ago -

Maggie Buckley, Copy Editor Taylor Swift’s Folklore is ‘the 1’ on the charts, remaining on the top spot for the sixth week in a row after its release on July 24th, 2020. Swift reinvents herself yet again, divulging from pop to craft an indie album that excites yet relaxes listeners for a unique experience. This album was the surprise that every fan needed in the midst of the coronavirus pan... More »

College and COVID-19

Published 3w ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts & Entertainment Editor As college students continue to do their best to deal with COVID-19, life has been altered in many ways. From hybrid classes to social distancing (though these are old news at this point), we must remain strong during these difficult times and have faith that things will improve over the next few months. What is the Coronavirus: For those wondering wha... More »

To My Seniors

Published 3w ago -

Sydney Tappan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Campus Life Editor Every year for the last three years to date, we have spent our Sunday’s in August moving on to Assumption’s campus. This time around, our fourth time, does not quite meet the expectations we all had. Though I don’t miss the lack of air conditioning, I do miss the drive up Salisbury Street and that first renewed feeling of arrivin... More »


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Music Memoirs: SIR MATTY V

Published 6d ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts and Entertainment Editor During a recent interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Varao (Sir Matty V). For those who do not know Sir Matty V as well as I do, he started his journey when he was only 13 years old. During this time, he... More »



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