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Experience through involvement

Published 2d ago -

Neydi Ramirez Staff Writer College is a fun experience full of many events, late nights on weekends, trips around New England and endless opportunities to get involved on campus. It takes students to do that. Those students are the ones who are members of the many active clubs on campus. Being part of clubs or organizations on campus has its perks. You get to utilize the resources the campus has t... More »

Benvenuto al Italian Club

Published 2d ago -

Eric Guditz Copy editor This past weekend, I had the chance to sit down with junior Isabella Bolognese, president of the Italian Club here at Assumption College. The Italian Club existed a few years back, however, due to the departure of graduating senior leaders it became dormant, and thus, nonexistent. Last semester, the club was given new breath by its ambitious new leaders and members. I asked... More »

Interracial relationships: love is love

Published 2d ago -

Nisreen Yatim staff writer Two weeks ago, I hosted an ALANA meeting, which takes place every Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm in Hagan Hall. The acronym ALANA stands for African Latino Asian and Native American. My meeting focused on interracial relationships, and I wanted to have an honest and open conversation with our general members about it. I wanted to speak on a topic that I have personally experi... More »

CAB event updates

Published 2d ago -

Kenny Allard Staff writer Hello everyone, for those who may not know me, I am Kenny Allard a member of the class of 2021. I am one of the weekend entertainment executives for the Campus Activities Board. On January 26th, I hosted an escape room event for CAB. For the longest time, students at Assumption have been requesting we bring an escape room to the school. We heard you, and we delivered. Upo... More »

Best Super Bowl commercial

Published 2d ago -

Leilah Bruno Staff Writer Many people watch the Super Bowl for the obvious reasons; to watch football and see two of the best teams go head to head to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. Many focus on the halftime show, which features a concert of the top few headliners of the year, to keep the audience hyped up mid-game. But my absolute favorite part of the Super Bowl is the high-quality commercials t... More »


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Why YOU Should Watch “You”

Published 2w ago -

Samantha Suroweic – Staff Writer Netflix has done it again. Right on the tail of the success of their movie “Birdbox,” a new show on Netflix has gained immense popularity very quickly. Based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes of the same title, which was ... More »



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