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Astros win 2017 World Series

Published 2d ago -

Three years ago, Sports Illustrated published a magazine cover saying that the then last place Houston Astros would win the 2017 World Series. Just like Babe Ruth way back in the day, they called their shot and then smashed... More »


Published 2d ago -

Before this summer, I had never gone on a hike before. But it was something I always wanted to do. I remember one of my dad’s friends from high school trying to get a group together to go on a hike. I don’t know exactly what was said between the two, but I imagine it went something like this: Via email, Dave (my dad’s friend): “Hey Peter, would be great if we could get a group together to ... More »

Future Bright for women’s soccer

Published 2d ago -

On November 3, the Assumption Women’s Soccer team traveled to Manchester, NH to face Southern New Hampshire for a place in the 2017 NE-10 Championship Game. The Penmen of Southern New Hampshire came on the attack early in the game, putting eight shots on the Hounds’ defense in the first period. However, the Hounds were able to find the back of the net first on an unassisted goal by junior midf... More »

Stranger Things 2 opens the gate for an incredible season

Published 2d ago -

After one year, three months and 11 days, Stranger Things 2 has finally been given to us by our lords and saviors the Duffer Brothers. Honestly, if you haven’t seen the first season of Stranger Things, what are you even doing with your life? I’m not recapping season one because, let’s face it: you know what happened. You’ve known what happened for a long time and have waited forever to ... More »

Hounds Hot Take: Shondaland isn’t as magical as it’s made out to be

Published 2d ago -

It’s time to talk about Shonda Rhimes. The creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder has built a television empire over the last fourteen years. But it’s time the empire fell. I loved Grey’s. It’s the gateway show, meaning it was the first show I really binge-watched. It had incredible writing, endearing characters, was really hysterical at times and heartf... More »

So close, so far

Published 2d ago -

During my advising meeting last week, I found out that I can graduate a semester early. And I sort of love that. No, I really love that. Because one night, while reading The Bell Jar, I was suddenly struck by the revelation that I’m about to be a bonafide adult. And I sprawled out on my bed, looked around my single room and noticed just how many artifacts of the past 20 years of my life that I... More »

Campus life

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Pre-Columbian artifacts in Tsotsis

Published 18h ago -

Within the new walls and halls of the Tsotsis Family Academic center is something very old, ancient, actually. Perhaps you have noticed the display cases bordering the classrooms, but have you ever taken a moment to stop and peek inside? One of these cases is... More »



ALANA on speaking out against injustice

Published 2d ago -

Have you ever been afraid to walk alone across campus late at night? Have you ever been afraid to walk down the street in your town in the middle of the day? I have, and there are many times I still feel that way. I fear every day that I just might become a vi... More »

Arts & Entertainment


An animated gem: Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Imagine, if you will, a kid’s television show created with the same artistic styling Avatar: the Last Airbender, a mix between anime and classic American animation. Now imagine that this cartoon takes place in space. That’s right: Avatar meets Star Wars. At the surface, this ... More »

Kneeling sends the wrong message

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The definition of betrayal according to Google is “the action of betraying one’s country, a group, or a person; treachery.” Betrayal is the word I would use to best describe the act of kneeling during our National Anthem. The thought of kneeling during the National Anth... More »

Assumption’s first Fresh Check Day

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Peers Advocating for the Wellness of Students (PAWS) hosted the first Fresh Check Day at Assumption on Friday, October 20. For those who don’t know, Fresh Check Day is a mental health wellness fair started by the Jordan Porco Foundation. Jordan Porco was a student at St. Michae... More »

No single favorite memory; a whole lot

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Q: What is your favorite Assumption Memory? A: I can’t say that I have one. Being in my final year here, I’ve come to think about what I will take away from this campus. What story, which moment will I set aside as my go-to “favorite memory;” the one that stands out amongst the res... More »

Paint night lets students get creative

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 Students gathered excitedly on the second floor of Hagan on Saturday, October 24. Many of them on the waiting list and hoping someone wouldn’t show up so they could take their spot. The Campus Activities Board (CAB)-run Paint Night looked to be a huge success already. There was a line ... More »

ALANA on taking the knee

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If there is one thing America is known for around the world, it is for being the land of the free. Free in a number of different ways such as, self-expression and freedom of speech. Recently the National Football League (NFL), has been dealing with a form of freedom of expression that has ... More »

Latino Festival reflects passion of ALANA

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On Thursday, October 5, Assumption’s ALANA Network hosted their eleventh annual Latino Festival. This year, the event took place in the brand new Tsotsis Ballroom and was the first campus event to take place in the hall. The event featured great music by the band Grupo Fantasia... More »

Students gather to take back the night

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On Thursday October 12, PAWS held their third annual Take Back the Night walk to advocate for survivors of sexual violence. About 100 students joined Peers Advocating for the Wellness of Students (PAWS) in their walk around campus at nightfall to signify that woman, or anyone for that matt... More »


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